Art & Design Is A Way Of Recognizing Oneself…

My Philosophy

As an artist and a designer, I believe that my unique point of view is my signature. No one sees design the same way; therefore, it is important to listen to each client’s needs and provide a design solution that is unique to them. We all have our own point of view that’s worth celebrating!

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Mallow Run Winery

Every year, a special wine is released featuring label artwork from a local artist that is chosen from dozens of submissions at Mallow Run Winery. I was honored to have my art be featured as a wine label on a Sauvignon Blanc wine bottle in year 2020.

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Mill’s Residence Project

In year 2013, I was assigned a painting project in which I was given reference images of cranes and was told to create mural on a client’s interior wall facing the front entrance. After several meetings with the residents, it was decided that the best approach was to create this painting on 3 large canvas panels in which the clients could easily move them around in various locations throughout the house and/or if they were to relocate. The result was the image to the left. This was such a great opportunity for me to experience a painting project on a bigger scale and opened doors to other commissioned projects.

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