28 Of The Most Breathtaking Astronomy Photographs Of The Year 2020 Have Just Been Revealed

Is there anything more breathtaking and surreal than outer space? Often, I feel like there absolutely isn’t. Maybe it’s because of all the celestial masterpieces stars, galaxies, and planets paint, effortlessly sweeping us off our feet? Or maybe we feel this way about space because it’s something we can’t touch, tame, or change? Or perhaps, it’s because of that nostalgic feeling you get when it’s a warm summer night and you raise your head and look up at the sky and all the stars simultaneously remind you of how truly small you are (but in the best way possible)?

But now, let’s get to the point. Insight Investment Astronomy Photographer of the Year is the largest international competition of its kind which, every year, showcases the best space photography from a global community of astrophotographers. The winners of the 2020 competition have just been announced and they’re all absolutely stunning. Bored Panda invites you to look through some of the most spectacular photos from this year’s space photography competition and choose your favorites!#1 

Aurorae Winner – ‘The Green Lady’ By Nicholas Roemmelt

Aurorae Winner - 'The Green Lady' By Nicholas Roemmelt

Nicholas Roemmelt Report124pointsPOST

Shauna Hicken3 days ago

Stunningly beautiful!7ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#2 

Shortlist – ‘Galactic Portal’ By Marcin Zajac

Shortlist - 'Galactic Portal' By Marcin Zajac

Marcin Zajac Report111pointsPOST

TheHolyFatherOfToast2 days ago

the fog on the ground makes it even more awesome4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#3 

Shortlist – ‘Iceland’ By Kristina Makeeva

Shortlist - 'Iceland' By Kristina Makeeva

Kristina Makeeva Report107pointsPOST

Dana3 days ago

Why isn’t this higher?!!9ReplyView more comments

The overall winner of the competition is the photo called “Andromeda Galaxy at Arm’s Length?” that was taken by a French astrophotographer Nicolas Lefaudeux. “To most of us, our closest neighbouring galaxy Andromeda can also feel so distanced and out of reach, yet to create a photograph that gives us the impression that it is just within our physical reach is truly magical, and somewhat appropriate as we adjust after such socially distanced times,” said the competition judge Ed Robinson.#4 

Stars And Nebulae Runner Up – ‘The Dolphin Jumping Out Of An Ocean Of Gas’ By Connor Matherne

Stars And Nebulae Runner Up - 'The Dolphin Jumping Out Of An Ocean Of Gas' By Connor Matherne

Connor Matherne Report94pointsPOST

Ms.M.3 days ago

Wow!10ReplyView more commentshttps://76cb0c447ebb920d1d2e3b78c3641ea9.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html#5 

Skyscapes Runner Up – ‘Desert Magic’ By Stefan Liebermann

Skyscapes Runner Up - 'Desert Magic' By Stefan Liebermann

Stefan Liebermann Report88pointsPOST

Amit John3 days ago

Isn’t this an edited picture? How can the ground be as sharp as the sky- and how is space so visible without zoom? Unless that’s really possible in the desert?4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#6 

Skyscapes Winner – ‘Painting The Sky’ By Thomas Kast

Skyscapes Winner - 'Painting The Sky' By Thomas Kast

Thomas Kast Report84pointsPOST

Rainbow Panda3 days ago

I really love this rainbow sky. 3ReplyView more comments

The winner of Skyscapes is the photo called “Painting the Sky” taken by Thomas Kast. The photo captures polar stratospheric clouds in Finnish Lapland, looking like a spectacular water color painting. “Clouds are said to be the bane of astronomers, but they can also be the inspiration for a breathtaking astrophoto. These rare, incredibly high nacreous clouds reflect colour like oil does on water and this photographer has captured them perfectly. With subtle processing they have brought out the vibrant hues that can sometimes be seen in our skies,” commented the Art Editor at the BBC Sky at Night Magazine Steve Marsh.#7 

Aurorae Runner Up – ‘Lone Tree Under A Scandinavian Aurora’ By Tom Archer

Aurorae Runner Up - 'Lone Tree Under A Scandinavian Aurora' By Tom Archer

Tom Archer Report78pointsPOST

Hiker Chick3 days ago

I would buy a print of this photo. Beautiful!2ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#8 

Galaxies Winner And Overall Winner – ‘Andromeda Galaxy At Arm’s Length’ By Nicolas Lefaudeux

Galaxies Winner And Overall Winner - 'Andromeda Galaxy At Arm's Length' By Nicolas Lefaudeux

Nicolas Lefaudeux Report73pointsPOST

the Kat who says ni3 days ago

It’s amazing! It almost looks miniature… though it doesn’t get much bigger than that!5ReplyView more comments#9 

Our Sun Runner Up – ‘145 Seconds Of Darkness’ By Filip Ogorzelski

Our Sun Runner Up - '145 Seconds Of Darkness' By Filip Ogorzelski

Filip Ogorzelski Report66pointsPOST

Ms.M.3 days ago

That is so cool!6ReplyView more comments

Our Sun winner is the photo taken by a British photographer Alexandra Hart called “Liquid Sunshine.” “This is a stunning example of how the ‘quiet’ Sun is never truly quiet. While the Sun may be less active, the nuclear fusion ongoing below its surface sustains all life on our little world,” commented astrophysicist, astronomer and science communicator at Royal Observatory Greenwich Emily Drabek-Maunder.#10 

Our Moon Runner Up – ‘Hdr Partial Lunar Eclipse With Clouds’ By Ethan Roberts

Our Moon Runner Up - 'Hdr Partial Lunar Eclipse With Clouds' By Ethan Roberts

Ethan Roberts Report61pointsPOST

Rainbow Panda3 days ago

If the Moon and Mars had a child. xD But seriously beautiful. 5ReplyView more comments#11 

Young Competition Winner – ‘The Four Planets And The Moon’ By Alice Fock Hang

Young Competition Winner - 'The Four Planets And The Moon' By Alice Fock Hang

Alice Fock Hang Report59pointsPOST

Dana3 days ago

The photographer of this picture is 11 years old!!!21ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#12 

Stars And Nebulae Winner – ‘Cosmic Inferno’ By Peter Ward

Stars And Nebulae Winner - 'Cosmic Inferno' By Peter Ward

Peter Ward Report57pointsPOST

Rainbow Panda3 days ago

Looks like a volcano exploding, but of course, prettier. 7ReplyView more comments

The pastel masterpiece capturing the moon was nominated as the winner of Our Moon category. “This vibrant image teases out the faint colours on the surface of the Moon. Not only is this composition visually striking, but it highlights the different materials the Moon is made up of, all from the safety of the Earth,” commented Emily Drabek-Maunder.#13 

Our Moon Winner – ‘Tycho Crater Region With Colours’ By Alain Paillou

Our Moon Winner - 'Tycho Crater Region With Colours' By Alain Paillou

Alain Paillou Report50pointsPOST

Cal3 days ago

These are all the colors of my surfboard I just started glassing 😀6ReplyView more comments#14 

Shortlist – ‘Dance Over The Swamp’ By Kamil Nureev

Shortlist - 'Dance Over The Swamp' By Kamil Nureev

Kamil Nureev Report49pointsPOST

Dana3 days ago

WOW! Absolutely breathtaking!7ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#15 

Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Winner – ‘Waves’ By Bence Toth

Sir Patrick Moore Prize For Best Newcomer Winner - 'Waves' By Bence Toth

Bence Toth Report40pointsPOST

ispeak catanese2 days ago(edited)

Rect*m Sky™1ReplyView more comments

“This was such a dramatic image, with the ‘green lady’ appearing to take flight above the mountains and illuminated water’s edge. I liked the way the landscape was dwarfed by the dominant aurora and yet the forms and colours of the composition echoed above with below. This was one of my favourite images,” fine art photographer Susan Derges commented on the winner of Aurorae category.#16 

Shortlist – ‘Jupiter Rising’ By Stacey Downton

Shortlist - 'Jupiter Rising' By Stacey Downton

Stacey Downton Report40pointsPOST

Tiny Dynamine2 days ago

I wonder how she got out there to take that photo. We never see it like that from Earth.4Reply#17 

Shortlist – ‘The Moon And The Shard’ By Mathew Browne

Shortlist - 'The Moon And The Shard' By Mathew Browne

Mathew Browne Report39pointsPOST

ArhomR3 days ago

Im waiting for ET.4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#18 

Shortlist – ‘The Many Jets And Shells Of Centaurus A’ By Connor Matherne

Shortlist - 'The Many Jets And Shells Of Centaurus A' By Connor Matherne

Connor Matherne Report38pointsPOST#19 

Our Sun Winner – ‘Liquid Sunshine’ By Alexandra Hart

Our Sun Winner - 'Liquid Sunshine' By Alexandra Hart

Alexandra Hart Report37pointsPOST

ArhomR3 days ago

Hot, hot, hot!2ReplyView more comments#20 

People And Space Runner Up – ‘Observe The Heart Of The Galaxy’ By Tian Li

People And Space Runner Up - 'Observe The Heart Of The Galaxy' By Tian Li

Tian Li Report37pointsPOST

Dana3 days ago

Aliens. Definitely aliens.6ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#21 

Planets, Comets And Asteroids Winner – ‘Space Between Us…’ By Łukasz Sujka

Planets, Comets And Asteroids Winner - 'Space Between Us...' By Łukasz Sujka

Łukasz Sujka Report36pointsPOST#22 

Young Competition Runner Up – ‘Detached Prominences’ By Thea Hutchinson

Young Competition Runner Up - 'Detached Prominences' By Thea Hutchinson

Thea Hutchinson Report36pointsPOST

Loraine D.G. MacGinness1 day ago

Looks like skin ?0ReplyView more comments#23 

Annie Maunder Prize For Image Innovation Winner – ‘Dark River’ (Detail) By Julie Hill

Annie Maunder Prize For Image Innovation Winner - 'Dark River' (Detail) By Julie Hill

Julie Hill Report34pointsPOST

Andrei Anghel3 days ago

Excuse my ignorance: what exactly is this?17ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#24 

People And Space Winner – ‘The Prison Of Technology’ By Rafael Schmall

People And Space Winner - 'The Prison Of Technology' By Rafael Schmall

Rafael Schmall Report33pointsPOST

Bill4 days ago

Those vertical lines are satellites16ReplyView more comments#25 

Shortlist – ‘Ineffable’ By Alyn Wallace

Shortlist - 'Ineffable' By Alyn Wallace

Alyn Wallace Report33pointsPOST

Bobby Sammons1 day ago

I had to look up the word “Ineffable”. I had never heard it before, or even seen it written…it means “too great or extreme to be expressed or described in words.”1ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#26 

Galaxies Runner Up – ‘Ngc 3628 With 300,000 Light Year Long Tail’ By Mark Hanson

Galaxies Runner Up - 'Ngc 3628 With 300,000 Light Year Long Tail' By Mark Hanson

Mark Hanson Report29pointsPOST#27 

Shortlist – ‘Sunspots Ar 2741 And Ar 2740’ By Ruslan Ilnitsky

Shortlist - 'Sunspots Ar 2741 And Ar 2740' By Ruslan Ilnitsky

Ruslan Ilnitsky Report25pointsPOST#28 

Planets, Comets And Asteroids Runner Up – ‘In The Outer Reaches’ By Martin Lewis

Planets, Comets And Asteroids Runner Up - 'In The Outer Reaches' By Martin Lewis

Martin Lewis Report24pointsPOST

Bacony Cakes1 day ago

Uranus is the butt of all jokes.0Reply

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