Using Low-Budget Setups For His Projects, This Guy Produces Professional-Looking Product “Ads”

People on the internet are proving to us again and again that creativity costs $0. Take these young people from Lagos, Nigeria as an example—without any expensive equipment or fancy gear, they took some stunning shots that could be surely mistaken for a professional ad campaign.

The stunning pictures were posted on Twitter by a user named Dirmax. Shared only yesterday, the pictures instantly received a lot of attention, amassing over 70k likes. Apparently, all it took for these guys to make up a fake ad campaign was an Infinix smartphone and Adobe Lightroom. Scroll down below to see the result!

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These young people from Lagos, Nigeria took smartphone photography to the next level

Image credits: Dirmax

These young Nigerians will surely go far in their lives. Using only the most basic items they could find at home, they managed to come up with creative “ad campaigns” that could surpass some real ad agencies’ work.

For their first “campaign,” the creatives used Nestle Milo Chocolate Milk drink. Using only a plain white paper background and the product itself, they came up with an interesting ad concept.

Using only a phone and stuff they could find at home, they created some professional-looking “ad campaigns”

Image credits: Dirmax

The stunning photos were taken by Olukunle Tanimowo

Image credits: Dirmax

Other projects of theirs included using some plastic cases, bricks, a glass panel, and four glasses of drinks. The result certainly exceeds expectations!

It’s apparent that the photographer sure knows his stuff! While he doesn’t have a huge fan base just yet, we’re hoping that we’ll soon be seeing more stunning shots from this talented creative.

And were shared on Twitter

Image credits: Dirmax

If you thought that Olukunle is a professional photographer, think again. He only got into photography this year! “March 2020,” to be more precise, as he told Bored Panda. “During the Coronavirus lockdown, I had to do something new and photography was something I’d always love to do, so I ventured into it.” What inspires him the most? “The joy of creating something from nothing. It has always been [my] motivation,” the artist told us. “I check out some professional photographers on Twitter for ideas and try to recreate [them],” he added.

Almost instantly, they amassed over 70k likes

Image credits: Dirmax

There were three more people working on his recent project, but when it comes to photography and editing, Olu does everything himself. “Yes, I take the pictures myself, explain and demonstrate how my [models] should pose and stand, and I run the edit on Adobe Lightroom,” he told Bored Panda.

With people praising the photographer for his creativity

Image credits: Dirmax

Did he expect his work to go viral? “No, I didn’t,” Olu tells us. “I posted the same images on my Twitter page @offishialolu a few weeks back and got close to 1 thousand likes, but when that guy @Dirmax uploaded, I kept on seeing notifications and I was like ‘Who tagged me in something going viral’, checked and realized it was my work,” the photographer explained. “I was glad that more people could finally get to see my work… It was awesome.”

Here’s what people online said

Image credits: Iam_AliWakily

Image credits: professorwolemc

Image credits: BillionVille

Image credits: Ofochebe

Image credits: DrChinguku

Image credits: thesystem_man

Image credits: blessedsamuel36

Image credits: OlamideQuadri4

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