Perfect Gift For Every Harry Potter Fan: This Memo Pad Reveals Hogwarts Castle The More You Peel It Away

In case you didn’t receive your Hogwarts letter this year (the owl must have gotten lost—again), there’s another way to feel close to the mysterious school, the wizarding world, and Magic (yes, with a capital ‘M’).

Japanese architectural model-making firm Triad Inc. creates ‘Omoshiroi Block’ memo pads, and one of their newest designs features the magnificent Hogwarts castle where Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger went to school.

However, the school isn’t obvious at first glance. You uncover Hogwarts piece of paper by piece of paper. The more memos you write and tear away, the more of the majestic and detailed model of the building you can see.

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Japanese firm Triad Inc. released a Harry Potter-themed memo pad with Hogwarts castle. Check out their promotional video here

Image credits: FOX STORE

Here’s what the model looks like from up close

Image credits: FOX STORE

You uncover Hogwarts castle as you peel away the pieces of paper one by one

Image credits: FOX STORE

‘Omoshiroi’ is Japanese for ‘interesting’ or ‘entertaining,’ and Triad Inc.’s memo pads try to be just that. The Hogwarts memo pad is a collaboration between Triad Inc., Fox Inc., and Warner Brothers Consumer Products.

The Harry Potter Hogwarts memo pad has 150 pieces of paper. But before you decide you can’t wait to order the model, you might want to head on over to Gringotts and get some golden Galleons from the goblins.

The memo pad costs 19,800 yen which is just over 190 dollars (or 160.7 euros). Now, that’s not just some spare change lying around in your pocket or under your couch cushions. But you’re paying for quality.

When you use up the memo pad paper, the model’s there to stay for as long as you want. So think of it less as an office curio and more of a permanent collection piece to add to your Potterhead collection.

If you’re not a fan of HP, there are plenty of different Omoshiroi Blocks available. A lot of them feature beautiful Japanese scenes: from landscapes and gorgeous historic buildings to iconic art pieces like the Great Wave off Kanagawa. Go check them out.

Some people really liked the concept, but some thought it was a tad too expensive

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