Photographer Uses A Pressure Washer To Create A Beautiful Mural On His Driveway

During the quarantine, many of us were forced to come up with new ways to entertain ourselves. Some people watched all the seasons of every TV show ever made, some started learning a new language, some learned to play the trombone, and some, apparently, “drew” a gorgeous piece of art on their driveway using a pressure washer. Well, at least one person did and his name is Ron Burkett.

Ron Burkett is a photographer and a YouTuber from Trussville, Alabama. A few months ago, the artist uploaded a video in which he showed the whole process of him “sculpting” an impressive wildlife-themed masterpiece on his driveway using a pressure washer. Let’s take a look!

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The mural features giant trees, majestic wolves, rolling hills, and elk

“During the ‘stay at home’ order of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020, I decided to catch up on some projects around the house, including pressure washing the driveway,” reads the description of the video.

The mural features giant trees, majestic wolves, rolling hills, and elk. After Ron finishes the artwork, he captures it from a bird’s-eye view using his trusty drone.

Ron also took some creative pictures with the artwork using a drone

And it absolutely isn’t the only incredibly creative project Ron has realized. There are quite a lot of them. To see more of his creations, you can visit his Instagram profile.

Ron Burkett is a photographer from Trussville, Alabama

Since Ron is a photographer, most of his creative projects are photography-related. “My passion for photography goes back to my high school years (let’s just say late ’70s) and is something I continue to enjoy in my semi-retirement years. I do mostly commercial, news, and sports photography now as a job, but love travel and nature photography when I can choose my own subjects,” the artist writes on his website.

It seems like Ron truly enjoys taking photos using his trusty drone

“Nature and sports photography are challenging and great fun, but the opportunity to work with people to create images that will grow more precious with time is a special thing,” the artist writes on his website.

Sometimes, he even uses his drone to draw these gorgeous aerial light paintings

“Flew to the moon tonight”

Here’s what people on Instagram think about this impressive pressure washer art

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