I Customize Intricate Skateboard Decks For Over 7 Years, Here Are Some Of My Best Works

I’m a 35-year-old artist from Belgium and I sculpt skateboard decks in my spare time.

Around 7 years ago, I developed a passion for customizing decks when discovering the endless possibilities offered by rotating tools and the need to stay in touch with skateboards. I used to skate, but since I didn’t have the time anymore, I stopped (and let’s be honest, the years passing by do little to improve my physical condition).

Each board takes around 40 to 100 hours of work depending on the design and techniques used. I mainly use a Dremel rotary tool and a cheap jigsaw; given that, a few months ago, I started playing with epoxy resin.

Contradictions, high contrasts, and playing with light and shadows are among my favorite themes. As much as possible, I try to include multiple readings into my sculptures. Being hyper-curious about everything, I love mixing different materials and applying all the techniques I learned during the course of my career, but wood sculpting is still the root of all my pieces.

Obviously, since I remove so much material from the deck, you can’t ride the skateboards, since some of them would most likely break just by putting trucks on them. And to be honest, I’m actually glad no one can step on them!

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“Juraflip Park,” skateboard deck & epoxy resin, 2020

The mosquito trapped in fake amber was sculpted from a piece of the broken nose

Close-up on the ribs

Things got a little bit slower with this one since I got back to doing my job full-time

“Croquette du fromage,” skateboard deck & resin breadcrumbs, 2020

Laying on my workbench

“Honey-hilation,” skateboard deck & epoxy resin, 2020

Right before I started playing with epoxy resin

“Think,” sculpted skateboard deck, 2020

It was a busy Sunday on the scroll saw

“Defrosts,” skateboard deck & epoxy resin, 2020

Let’s make an basic shape to cut for a test I said, it’ll be easy I said…

“Coup de foudre Valaisan,” skateboard deck & epoxy resin, 2020

Right before the next step

Image credits: greggarts

“Riding Yangg,” Skateboard only, 2015

My very first custom board, “Roots” made in 2013

Two different readings depending on the time of the day as it has a led strip backlighting

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