My Simple Flower Diptych Acrylic Pour Painting Guide For Beginners

Dip technique is really simple way to do nice flower painting diptych. I like that there stayed some structure, which will be nice addition to this painting, when I will put a coat of resin on top.

More info:

– 10×10 inch canvas
– Acrylic paints mixed with pouring medium
– Wooden skewer
– Palette knife
– Torch

Boesner white with GAC800 and some water for a pillow.
Amsterdam permanent red violet, Primary elements’ Payne’s gray, PearlEx Pigment, iridescent gold, Vallejo pearl medium, ArtAlchemy magic opal, Arteza iridescent shocking lime green.
I mixed pigments with my pouring medium (3 parts Boesner acrylic binder, 0,5 part of Vallejo polyurethane gloss varnish, and 0,5 part of Vallejo polyurethane satin varnish)
Please understand that I am in no way responsible for the way you use your paint and mediums. Follow all safety instructions of the manufacturers. I can not be held liable.dium,
Be careful and use the proper materials for your safety.
You can’t use any content on my channel unless I permit you!

TECHNIQUE: Double dip, Dip technique acrylic pour

– Pour your base on canvas
– Make stripes with your colours
– Pres the second canvas on top
– Split them apart

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