House For Sale Goes Viral Because The More You Look, The Crazier It Gets (28 Pics)

If you liked this $159,900 house listing that looks modest at first but gets very weird very fast once you look inside, you are going to love this one.

A real estate listing of a 3,161-square-foot house in Kentucky has been going viral thanks to its 3D virtual walk-through feature that allowed users to explore the maze of rooms, porn DVDs, and boxes of “Body Skin” on their quest to find a tucked-away baptism spot turned bathtub.

Que the music: every breath you take / and every click you make / every room you shake / every step you take / sh*t gets weird.

This house may look normal on the outside, but it gets really weird when its sellers invite you in

Image credits: redfin

Image credits: jennyjaffe

The $375,000 property was built in 1970. It boasts two kitchens, three bedrooms, and four bathrooms.

The home has previously been used as a ‘church, school, daycare center, and home business’, according to the listing that has since been taken down, and it features separate bathrooms with urinals.

Image credits: teothebaldo

Let’s begin with the laundry room slash crime scene

And move on to this underground casino

Clearly, the owners don’t want people to see what’s inside

Seriously, what’s with all the boxes?

Apparently, this building was once a church, and people identified this unventilated bath as a spot for baptisms

Image credits: SaraFangirl_Art

Image credits: Klongeiger

But in order to enter it, you must first make your way through a huge stash of porn

Image credits: HecDaevis

Some people tried to map out this maze

Image credits: and_j_isthesun

Including the two-toilet restroom

Image credits: CuddlePotato

Image credits: jennyjaffe

At least there are a few TVs

Image credits: luvcraft

Turns out, the strange bath was just scratching the surface of all the ridiculous things happening inside this house

Image credits: Random_Hylian

Whatever the former residents were up to, they probably ran entirely on energy drinks

Image credits: notjffns

The house turned into a meme real quick

Image credits: TrampusRex

Imagine the electricity bill with all these appliances

Image credits: wormyjermy

These two look really similar, don’t they?

Image credits: sharbanning

At least there’s a buffet

Image credits: danicalico

Image credits: sadie_burgess

Image credits: HollyAnneFrink

Image credits: Gremzie1

Maybe this is a hint of what’s inside the box towers?

Image credits: Penumant

Image credits: larathelark

Image credits: Chasnah7

Image credits: em_writes_poems

Image credits: swagmancer_cos

The property was raided in 2014 following a 4-year investigation by police, according to reports at the time by WLKY News.

At the time, police claimed there were enough stolen goods inside the building to fill several trucks.

Troy Curtis and his son Trevor Curtis pleaded not guilty in December 2014 to engaging in organized crime syndication and receiving stolen property.

It’s unclear whether the items currently seen in the 3D walkthrough are somehow connected to that case in any way.

What we do know is that the home has been sitting on the market for months.

Suddenly, it all makes sense

Image credits: luvcraft

Image credits: _jimh

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