Artist Roberto Lugo Creates 2 Sneaker Masterpieces

Working directly with Roberto Lugo, Garrixon created a custom Air Jordan 4 out of hand-painted canvases by the artist. Lugo crafted a ceramic label featured on the white and blue tongue. Black leather lining encompasses the collar, while gold leather piping surrounds the vamp. This sneaker comes complete with black leather laces with gold aglets.

Roberto Lugo started working at a factory at the age of 14. His first paycheck went straight to a new pair of sneakers. A fresh pair of kicks served not only as an asset to style but also spoke an unheard message. Specific sneakers like the Air Jordan 4 served as an icon in his hometown community. #CreatewithGRXN

Garrixon hopes to provide more opportunities to creatives looking to make footwear together.

More info:

Roberto Lugo custom Air Jordan 4

Roberto Lugo custom Nike Air Force 1 High

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