24 Times People Renovated Buildings And Made Them Look Terrible

Since buildings are constantly exposed to the elements, it’s only natural that they slowly get worn down and have to undergo renovations sooner or later. However, sometimes renovators get a little carried away, and instead of restoring the old buildings to their former glory, end up producing monstrosities that leave us scratching our heads.

People are sharing pictures of old buildings that were absolutely butchered during renovations, and it’s almost heartbreaking to see beautiful old brickwork get replaced with slabs of concrete and glass facades. Check out a collection of buildings that underwent terrible renovations in the gallery below!


Image source: Szawel Sauliazauras


Image source: Tangopaso


Image source: L’évolution du patrimoine bâti


Image source: Trad_West_Arch


Image source: Western_Trad


Image source: Szawel Sauliazauras


Image source: Branko Milošević


Image source: Trad_West_Arch


Image source: Szawel Sauliazauras


Image source: City of Toronto Archives


Image source: Arch_Revival_


Image source: architectural.revival


Image source: Memphis Masonry Preservation Society


Image source: skyscrapercity


Image source: L’évolution du patrimoine bâti et des paysages au Québec


Image source: jordiaeiou


Image source: MrDiegolito


Image source: architectural.revival


Image source: skyscrapercity


Image source: skyscrapercity


Image source: architectural.revival


Image source: L’évolution du patrimoine bâti



Image source: L’évolution du patrimoine bâti6.9K shares

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