I Made Masks And Faces From Reclaimed Materials

After cleaning up the beach on holiday, I was left with a pile of driftwood and random things like bottle caps and rusty nails. Rather than toss it all, I started playing with it and made some face like sculptures. When the holidays were over, I started combing the streets for lack of beach and made more. And now I’m selling them.

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This is Kai. The only one in this post that is from that beach holiday

Carob. I don’t always have a good reason for naming them

When my grandfather passed I inherited a box with thousands of little nails. Only 7593 to go

This is how Carob started. How most start. By balancing pieces in a pile

This is Cell. It’s made from an old wood block toy for kids. It’s named after that silly antenna that makes this dude like a cellphone that can only dial 666

Teeth. I have lots of them. Well, had. I’m starting to run out

Deciding on what it really should be takes some time. It’s three dimensional sketching

Or rather, I’m just playing with kids blocks. The way the toy was intended

Reducing helps as I usually start with way too much. I’m a kid inside still, I guess?

This is Harvey. Harvey Dent. Go figure

As much as these things have a vibe of grotesqueness, I feel that keeping an element of abstraction makes them stronger

This is how Harvey Dent was conceived. Not that sexy


Part decorative furniture pieces, part BBQ skewers, part goats jaw

Took me a while to brush these teeth. I’m dead serious

More rubberbands to keep more piles in place

Here was a random idea. I have a bunch of pan holders that never seem to fit into any project. Just like here. Whatever

Pred. My girlfriend doesn’t like this one. She thinks it looks like a sample in a showroom for decorative bathroom tiles

I made teeth out of clay, years ago and without purpose. Until I combined them with seashells, red ink and wood glue and baked the whole thing in the oven. I love experimenting with materials

Maybe one day Bionade will sponsor me. I dig their bottle cap design. And their lemonade

Souvlaki. Don’t ask why. Probably just a craving

There is this tree in Greece that drops seeds and the shells are like eyes. Why I only took home two is beyond me

In retrospect I might prefer this sketch

Tigres. Also made from a building blocks kids toy. I tried using up all the blocks of the set at once

Here is the toy as I found it. With the little pull cart that the blocks were in

My initial idea was to animate these blocks in stop motion and make the face talk. But the need for a more physical challenge won

Out of the box. I go through at least 35-40 combinations before I get a hint of what I’m seeking. There’s no real plan. Ever

Decided on a direction I get heavy on the glue

And then attack it with tools. I was really not feeling this in the beginning. It looked silly to me

But beauty is in the eye of the tiger. I managed to find peace with it

This is my fav angle. The red circles are the wheels of the toy

I added some olive seeds, painted white and cut down to form teeth

And as always, old nail polish for color accents

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