I’m Oleksandr Hrystai, And I Can Carve Anything Out Of Wood (35 Pics)

My name is Oleksandr Hrytsai and I`m a woodcarver. I can`t imagine my life without wood. It`s my passion and vocation. Below are photos of some of my projects and a short description. I hope you will like it!

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Staff with an eagle on a book сarved from linden wood

This project was created for a priest from Croatia. This is not the first and not the last project created for this priest. This customer constantly orders very interesting and unusual projects.

Christmas tree toy

Wood carving hatchet from basswood. I cut this little ax for the new year; I wanted something unusual for the tree.

A helmet from the game Skyrim

The main theme of my YouTube channel is wooden helmets and masks. This helmet is one of the most famous in the gaming industry. I also really liked it, so I created it.

Nazgul helmet made of oak wood

One of my favorite films is The Lord of the Rings. The costume design is amazing. The Nazgul helmet is difficult to manufacture. It is enormous. I plan to create many more helmets from the LOTR universe.

Wooden sickle

A little experiment. I liked the picture from the internet and I decided to implement it in wood.

Skull made of oak wood. Used acrylic paints. Game mask Watch Dogs Legion

I am constantly looking for something unusual; this mask became a challenge for me, I did not think that I would be able to make it. The only thing was that I didn’t do well with the hairs and the mask came out more than necessary. It will be a learning experience for me.

Ax from the game Assassin’s Creed. Linden wood, acrylic paints

On this ax, I liked the painting on the handle and on the metal itself. I had a lot of fun making this ax. For the first time, I imitated metal; it turned out to be very simple and fast. I also plan to make a few axes and swords from wood.

Here’s some of my other works

Wood carved picture “The song of the angels”

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My name is Oleksandr Hrytsai and I`m a wood carver. I can`t realize my life without wood. It`s my passion and vocation. Read more »

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