This Japanese Artist Makes Sculptures Out Of Snow, And Here Are 30 Of The Coolest Ones

Winter is often associated with snow—whether you live in warmer climates or have to struggle with the cold for a better part of the year, snowflakes likely remind you of the brilliant white winter. And while some see the beauty of the season, others find a unique opportunity to show off their creative side.

Of course, we’re talking about the elusive art of snow sculpting. Probably everyone has built a snowman at least once in their life—there’s something inherently fascinating about taking a fluid material and creating something concrete and, frankly, fun! However, as with many things, there are professionals next to whom our snowmen look like stickmen in front of the Mona Lisa.

That’s exactly the case with this Twitter user whose works became viral. The user going by the name of @mokomoko_2015, a self-proclaimed snowman artisan, showcased their talent by making beautiful snow sculptures inspired by various fandoms, including Pokemon and Ghibli. There’s even a Godzilla or two!

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Rachel Broadwell1 week ago

Should be #115ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#2 

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Zoe Hoesley1 week ago

Cat bussss!12ReplyView more comments#3 

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Gay and trans Ethan1 week ago

OMG YESSSS11ReplyView more comments#4 

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Mustn’t eat the mango 1 week ago

This is me choking on a piece of hip on a walk.4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments 

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Gay and trans Ethan1 week ago

gasp omg yes13ReplyView more comments#6 

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BANANA !!!!!!14ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#7 

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Freddie Mercury1 week ago

i would be that one person who would pose like I was being eaten16ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#8 

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mr. t-rex1 week ago

this made me smile.8ReplyView more comments 

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Exotic Panda1 week ago

DEMON SLAYER!!14ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#10 

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Tyler L1 week ago

snowzilla11ReplyView more comments#11 

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Zoe Hoesley1 week ago

Mew8ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#12 

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MΣMΣ KIПG1 week ago

me woundering were the snow came from14ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#13 

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Syra ‍‍6 days ago

I cosplayed as Kiki for Comic-con once. I still wear the dress sometimes3ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#14 

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Seven Duarte1 week ago

thats pawsome6ReplyView more comments#15 

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Emily Zhang1 week ago

Minccino!7ReplyView more comments#16 

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Leafwhisker1 week ago

SUMIKKO GURASHIIIII1ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#17 

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purple1 week ago

um um, what it’s name again, i forgoto6ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#18 

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Gabe Ortiz1 week ago

whats the lil robots name 6ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#19 

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KrabbyGramps6661 week ago

How does he know what’s in my nightmares?3ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#20 

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Benjamin Niemet1 week ago

A little help pls?6ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#21 

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Zoe Hoesley1 week ago

Wait dragon ball! Oh what’s that fat cats name?hmmm0ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#22 

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Austin Young1 week ago

how does he get the snow to stay up like this?!?!4ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#23 

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Phi4 days ago

Awww1ReplyView more comments#24 

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SnomMaster6 days ago

Alcremie!2ReplyView more comments#25 

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Katherine Boag6 days ago

Golbat2ReplyView more comments#26 

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Rainbow Panda5 days ago

Pingu! 5ReplyView more comments#27 

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DAVID SHADLE1 week ago

th at A pokemon1ReplyView more comments#28 

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Benjamin Niemet1 week ago

Dislike this if you feel like you shouldnt be looking at this thread0ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#29 

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