A Series Of Artworks Visualizing My Mental Journey Through Dark Times

The more perfect you try to be, the more things about yourself you need to suppress. Things you don’t accept, things that do not match the image of yourself you have created. But just because you hide them doesn’t mean they’re gone. It means you just no longer know what they are doing to you. Every time something is not the way want it to be, you get rid of it and make yourself smaller. It gives you an illusion of control, but in reality, you have less and less control over who you are. You are trapped in a little room inside of your mind. You are no longer in control, although your mind will do anything to convince you it’s the opposite.

I learned it the hard way three years ago when everything I tried to push away backfired resulting in anxiety and depression. It was then when I started “The Minipeople”—a series of artworks visualizing my mental journey through dark times which to my surprise quickly became popular over the internet.

I realized I showed people something very important—that they are not alone in their struggle. There are others who have similar problems, who are coping with depression, anxiety, and fear. And it’s not something they should be ashamed of.

The series started in 2017, continues to this day.

More info: Instagram

“Show Me the Way”

“Wisp of Smoke”

“The Most Precious Light”


“Stay Focused”

“River of Life”

“The Miracle”

“Calm Spirit”

“The Answer”

“Inner Vision”

“Mini People in the Jungle” – documentary

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