My Girlfriend Shows That Autism Is Not All About Science, It Can Be Also Be About Art

Hi, pandas,

For most people, autism relates to a scientist working in really narrow fields or grown men passionate about trains. Although it isn’t far from the truth, it’s, of course, not a good representation of the diversity of profiles that come from this disability.

I’m here on behalf of my girlfriend to showcase her work and tell you a bit more about her condition. I am not a native speaker, so please excuse me for my poor English.

Salina is a french artist living in Strasbourg (France), recently she was diagnosed with autism. It is a disability that can go unnoticed for many years, especially with women who over compensate more than men. If you get to know her, you won’t see much of a difference, except that she is more prone to stress in social situations than your average girl. Her disability extends further, so she made a “comic” to explain her difficulties.

Maybe her feeling of alienation from the outside has pushed her work to be so dreamlike; what is sure is that her particularity influences her illustrations. Autistic peoples often have one or several specific interests, and for Salina, it is all about astronomy. As you will see, there are lots of planets, suns, stars floating around. But maybe the more striking part is her color palette often restricted to shades of purple and yellow. For her, it more than just choosing a color tone; working with those specific colors is something that soothes her.

If you are interested to see more, I’ll leave a link to her shop. Thank you for your attention.

More info: Etsy

Welcome to her world

My name is Salina. I’m 24 and I am autistic.

It result in a hypersensitivity both emotional and physical

autistic crisis

mental rigidity

attention disorder

executive dysfunction

difficulties communicating.

A little ball of stress and cuteness

A showcase of her recent work

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