Family Builds A Tiny House For Each Member And The Daughter Gives A Tour Of Her Home

Around a year ago, we published an article where we talked about the Brinks family from Kentucky who, back in 2015, built a tiny house village where the parents and each of the siblings have their own personal mini home. Today, we’ve got a little update for you. Recently, one of the daughters, who’s got a popular TikTok account with almost 560k followers, posted a tour of her own mini house. The video quickly gained quite a bit of attention and it currently has almost 330k likes.

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The Brinks family from Kentucky has their tiny house village where the parents and each of the kids own their personal mini house

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

Around 6 years ago, the Brinks family from Kentucky bought a $57,000 21-acre property and built 6 mini houses, turning it into a tiny house village. We’ve got the parents’ house, two separate houses for the daughter Lennox and the son Brodey, a double bathroom house, a pool house, and a guest house.

The village consists of 6 houses: the parents’ house, two separate houses for their daughter and son, a double bathroom house, a pool house, and a guest house

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

The daughter, Lennox Brinks, has a popular TikTok account under the name @tinyvillagegirl where she often shows and talks about what it’s like living in her family’s tiny village. Last month, Lennox posted a video where she gave a mini tour of her own property.

The daughter has recently posted a video on TikTok where she gave a tour of her own mini house

“My name is Lennox, but most of you on here know me as the Tiny Village Girl,” the girl narrates. “Because it’s such a weird way of living, people always ask me for a tour of the inside of my house.”

Lennox opens up about how she doesn’t really like the way the inside of her house currently looks and that she’s planning on doing a house makeover. “That’s why I’m deciding to redo the entire interior.”

Turns out, she doesn’t really like the way the interior currently looks, so she’s planning on redecorating it

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

First of all, Lennox house has a pink couch that she’s not that into, so she’s going to get a new cover for it

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

Then there’s a dresser that she’s also not super stoked about, so she’ll be painting it another color

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

Lennox’s tiny house also has a full-size bed upstairs

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

And plenty of shelf room for things that are used less often

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

Under that, she’s got an open bookshelf with a huge TV standing on top of it

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

The wall next to her second dresser currently looks quite empty, so Lennox is planning on decorating it with some “super cool stuff”

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

And the best part is that Lennox is going to document her tiny house makeover and will be sharing the updates with her TikTok audience

Image credits: LennoxBrinks

Here’s how people reacted to the tour

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