This Artist’s Comics Perfectly Capture What Every Mother Has To Deal With (15 Pics)

Héloïse Weiner is a French illustrator and mother of six who creates adorable children’s book illustrations and comics. She’s also the creator of the It’s a mum’s life comic strip, where she illustrates all of the funny and annoying things every mom has to go through, and I’m pretty sure most mothers will find them painfully relatable.

The artist says she started turning little snippets of her family life into short comics after her second child was born. “They were very simple, but I liked them and my friends seemed to like them too, so they encouraged me to start posting my comics on social media,” explained Héloïse. That was when the artist realized that most parents could relate to those situations. “It was a lot of fun to connect with other parents in this way. In fact, it was so much fun that I posted more and more comics and today, it has become my job!”

Check out some of Héloïse’s comics in the gallery below!

More info: Héloïse Weiner | Instagram

#1 When Are You Having A Baby?

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#2 Listening To My Child Tell Me A Story

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#3 Pregnant Women Around Me vs. Me

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#4 Smile!

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#5 Bath Time

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#6 Congrats

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#7 Unfair

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#8 I Love You, Mum

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#9 Precious Times

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#10 Porridge

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#11 Me In The Morning Vs. Me In The Evening

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#12 Suspicious

Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#13 Getting Ready To Leave

Image source: itsamumslife_comics


Image source: itsamumslife_comics

#15 Oh Yeah, Why Didn’t I Think Of That

Image source: itsamumslife_comics14 shares

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