I Recreated Famous Paintings With My Girlfriend And Our Cats (18 Pics)

I am a professional photographer. When the quarantine was announced for the first time, the whole world was locked down, so my reservations got canceled and I found myself staying at home with my partner and two cats.

Feeling a bit bored and suffering from a lack of cultural activities, I was looking at art online; I was really inspired by the people and their creativity during the time of world pandemic and lockdown, so I decided to give it a go myself: I recreated classic art by photography using only the things that I could find at home and with the help of my beloved ones. This is what we made!

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René Magritte “The Lovers” (1928)

René Magritte "The Lovers" (1928)

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McSydney  5 minutes ago

This one haunts mereply#2 

Will Barnet “Woman Reading” (1965)

Will Barnet "Woman Reading" (1965)

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Anatolijus Michailovas-Klošaras “Family Portrait” (2015)

Anatolijus Michailovas-Klošaras "Family Portrait" (2015)

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Cedar tree  28 minutes ago

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Caravaggio “Boy Bitten By A Lizard” (1596)

Caravaggio "Boy Bitten By A Lizard" (1596)

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Gustav Klimt “Portrait Of Eugenia Primavesi” (1913)

Gustav Klimt "Portrait Of Eugenia Primavesi" (1913)

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Emma Tingard “Young Anita”

Emma Tingard "Young Anita"

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Firmin Baes “The Young Girl And The Cabbage” (1903)

Firmin Baes "The Young Girl And The Cabbage" (1903)

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Antin Losenko “Zeus And Thetis” (Xviii Century)

Antin Losenko "Zeus And Thetis" (Xviii Century)

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Jacques-Louis David “La Mort De Marat” (1793)

Jacques-Louis David "La Mort De Marat" (1793)

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Frida Kahlo “Diego On My Mind” (1943)

Frida Kahlo "Diego On My Mind" (1943)

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Henri De Toulouse “In Bed, The Kiss” (1892)

Henri De Toulouse "In Bed, The Kiss" (1892)

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Suzanne Valadon “Portrait Of Maurice Utrillo” (1921)

Suzanne Valadon "Portrait Of Maurice Utrillo" (1921)

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Marc Chagall “Over Vitebsk” (1913)

Marc Chagall "Over Vitebsk" (1913)

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Orazio Gentileschi “Cupid And Psyche” (1610)

Orazio Gentileschi "Cupid And Psyche" (1610)

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Tamara De Lempicka “Portrait Of A Man Or Mr Tadeusz De Lempicki” (1928)

Tamara De Lempicka "Portrait Of A Man Or Mr Tadeusz De Lempicki" (1928)

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Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio “Young Sick Bacchus (Bacchino Malato)” (1593/1594)

Michelangelo Merisi Da Caravaggio "Young Sick Bacchus (Bacchino Malato)" (1593/1594)

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Bernardino Luini “Salome Receiving The Head Of St John The Baptist” (Xvi Century)

Bernardino Luini "Salome Receiving The Head Of St John The Baptist" (Xvi Century)

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Tsukioka Yoshitoshi “Teasing The Cat” (1888)

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi "Teasing The Cat" (1888)

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