These New Double-Decker Airplane Seats Allow Passengers To Lie Down During Flight

If there’s one thing that’s universally hated by all travelers, it’s having no legroom on long flights. You’re already crammed into your tiny economy class seat and as soon as the person in front of you decides to recline their seat at least a little bit, your legroom becomes practically non-existent. However, US-based startup Zephyr Aerospace aims to make this horrible experience a thing of the past by introducing revolutionary double-decker type seats that would allow economy class passengers to lie down during flight.

Zephyr Aerospace has recently introduced these unique double-decker seats that would allow passengers to lie down during flight

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

On their website, the startup states that most airline seats haven’t changed at all since the ’70s and that 99 percent of economy class seats are fixed in an upright position that makes sleeping in the almost impossible. “They force unnatural postures over long periods of time and can damage health,” says Zephyr Aerospace.

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

According to Zephyr Aerospace, airlines try to justify high fares by offering perk bundles but 70% of travelers would gladly trade them for the ability to lie down and sleep during flight.

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

“Our design allows passengers the gift of multi-functional usage—to lie completely flat, lounge or sit upright with their legs fully extended,” says the startup.

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

No more sore neck

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

The seat layout would also allow social distancing

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

Zephyr Aerospace says that airlines would be able to choose from upgrades like memory foam seats, black-out curtains, OLED displays, and other amenities.

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

Image credits: Zephyr Aerospace

People found the concept pretty interesting


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