“When Birds Paint The Sky”: i Created A Series Of Creative Renders Out Of Starling’s Murmuration

I’m an animation professional and amateur Astro and wildlife photographer. I was on the last day of a birding trip 500 miles from home when we came across an amazing murmuration of starlings. This was the first time I have seen murmuration and it was the most amazing experience which left me awestruck. I have captured a video with my iPhone and i was unable to take that beautiful event out of my head even after few days.

I have decided to capture the murmuration in a unique way.

so i set out for 16hrs drive, scouted for 3hrs with help of a local fisherman on his boat. planned with 3 different cameras by planting tripod in the lake at different places to capture 8 minutes of performance.

Spent countless hours of post-production to create a 1.30 min of visual treat which you can watch on my instagram feed.

More info: Instagram

Its raining starlings

sky lawn

High five

Broken heart




hold my hand

Prey & Predator


Prey and predator

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