I Make Art From Pressed Dried Flowers And Plants

After picking and pressing the flowers, I created the design, scanned it and prepared the photo on the computer for printing. This elaborate procedure (about 50 hours) allows me to make intricate designs that will retain their form and color long after the original flowers have faded and crumbled to dust.

After seeing these yarrow leaves voluntarily growing in one of my patio pots, I thought they would look like trees once they were pressed. And they did! It took many hours just to carefully press each of these leaves, but it was worth it! The mirrored image was achieved on the computer by duplicating the image and blurring it a bit.

I hope that viewing the beautiful perfection of nature in these flowers (which are often “just weeds”) will awaken in you feelings of joy and awe. It is not only wonderful to take time to smell the flowers, but also to look closely at these miracles of nature!

More info: sallystevens.de

Hi, school!

Hi, school! framed

Hi, school! close-up of big fish

Hi, school! close-up of little fish

Ascent at Dusk

Ascent at Dusk framed

Ascent at Dusk close-up

Mirrored Woods

Mirrored Woods framed

Mirrored Woods close-up

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A native of Wausau, Wisconsin, I moved to Germany in 1991 to continue my 35-year career as a professional opera singer. After retiring in 2011, I found I needed another creative outlet. I returned to my childhood love of wild flowers and began to create pictures using pressed flowers and leaves. Read more »

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