I Shoot Alien Worlds In Contemporary Architecture

My name is Bolek Wanat, I’m a graphic designer and a photographer from Poland. This is part of my ongoing project named “Destructures”. 

De-structures are architectural images that architects do not want to see. Instead of straight lines and perfect proportions, I look for imperfections, abstractions and title destruction in contemporary architecture. I want to show architecture that we usually don’t see – looking from afar, not seeing details or feeding on idealized visualizations. Monochrome frames are used to focus attention on sharp, sometimes brutal shapes. In my photographs I try to blur the perspective, and I treat the concepts of vertical and level by convention, forcing the viewer to think – what does he really see?

My photographs have been awarded, among others, by the Korean Institute of Architects, and have also been exhibited in various places in Europe.

More info: bolekwanat.com










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