I Took A Couple Of Old Glass Bottles, Some Blue And Green Food Coloring And An iPhone And Just Started Taking Pictures. What Resulted May Just Be A Rare Peek Into A Forbidden Realm.

Feeling bored and a bit antsy for a creative outlet, I decided to play around with photographing water and food coloring. I grabbed a couple of old glass bottles I had laying around and I slowly dropped in blue and green food coloring and contorted myself into all different angles to get the shot I wanted. No after-effects or Photoshop or anything of that kind was used on these photos. They are blurry but I think that adds to their ethereal nature. I see different things each time I look at the photos. There is no right way up to view them. I like to make up stories about what is captured through the “keyhole” into these strange, mystical, eerie, dreamlike worlds. It’s a bit like peering into an alternate reality underwater with all manner of creature and inexplicable objects that cannot be described and should not exist. There are haunting things lurking in the shadows there, too, if you want to see them. It’s a bit like looking into a pond made of mood-ring glass, reflecting back whatever you bring to it. I know I am making them sound much more magnanimous than what they are, and I am being super corny, but I truly enjoyed the process and was quite intrigued with the outcome. I hope you will like them too. I’d be very interested to hear what others see (if anything) and how you interpret them. Thank you for viewing these!

An Atlantian Encounter

I Dreamt of Horses in My Hallway…and Demons At My Door

This Mortal Coil…It’ll End in Tears

Ghost Whispers and Wrought Iron

And Then I Dreamed, You Dreamed About Me

Dark, Unchartered Waters

Battle Royale

The Muse’s Evil Reflection

What Was the Last Thing You Can Remember Before You Passed Out?

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Heidi Svenson (a nom de plume) came to the art rodeo late in life. But that doesn’t stop her from trying. In fact, when she’s not busy “pining for the fjords”, she can be found trying all kinds of artistic mediums. Originally from San Francisco, Heidi has a wide range of interests and skills. Since the age of seventeen, she’s been involved in many aspects of television production and has explored a wide variety of other disciplines including advertising, high-tech PR and book publishing.She considers herself just a “dabbler” in art, at best. She resides in Portland, Oregon with her cranky, enormous (but still photogenic) Snowshoe cat. Read more »

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One response to “I Took A Couple Of Old Glass Bottles, Some Blue And Green Food Coloring And An iPhone And Just Started Taking Pictures. What Resulted May Just Be A Rare Peek Into A Forbidden Realm.”

  1. Well, I don’t think you’re making them sound magnanimous enough! Excellent!


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