My Paintings Are Full Of Hundreds Of Lives

From pareidolias to living entities …

In these artworks, just like in Nature, it’s not about competition but cooperation. You won’t create a peaceful & happy world if its foundation is this “competition” myth, where you can’t win anything because it’d mean someone else is losing.

There is another way. Like in a melody, notes don’t oppose themselves but find a path to mutually sublime each other into a harmonious symbiosis.

This is what we have to look for every single day; with every single thought, how could we harmonize our notes with others’ ones to create a melody celebrating life itself.

Cynicism is for the weak minds, but utopia asks for courage. Things won’t change unless we do. So let’s be audacious & embrace a virtuous way of life.

I’m a French artist Moontain, and I did these works.

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Ark Of Souls




Flood Of Souls




Clouds Lover


The Path Of Life


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