We Created Maps Reveal The Most Googled Artist In Every Country

Many of the world’s art museums and galleries are closed around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning the only way to view the work of so many world-famous artists is to turn to Google.

The team at Ken Bromley Art Supplies decided to find out which artist has been Googled the most in every country around the world throughout the pandemic to reveal the world’s most popular artist.

The results are in and these 7 stunning maps have been created to visualize the data. Top of the leaderboard is Leonardo da Vinci winning in 82 countries, followed by female Mexican artist Frida Kahlo in second, winning in 29 countries. Dutch artist and tortured soul Vincent van Gogh came in third.

More info: artsupplies.co.uk

Worlds most Googled artist

Europe’s most Googled artist

Africa’s most Googled artist

North America’s most Googled artist

South America’s most Googled artist

Asia’s most Googled artist

Oceania’s most Googled artist

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