Stunning Illuminating Glass Sculptures By Japanese Artist Rui Sasaki

Rui Sasaki is a Japanese artist who creates breathtaking glass sculptures for over 15 years now. The artist has created many impressive sculptures throughout the years, and one of the most impressive ones has to be her Liquid Sunshine installation: a series of phosphorescent glass bubbles that illuminate light as a visitor enters the room.

When creating this installation, the artist asked herself “How can I visualize sunshine in glass?”. Rui was interested in using phosphorescent glass to capture sunlight, as she did not get much of it in Toyama. “Living in a cloudy environment helped me realize how vital sunshine is for me both mentally and physically,” explained the artist. Each of the bubbles is charged using a solarium light that shuts off as soon as a visitor enters the room, leaving only the glass orbs to light up the place. The space then slowly gets darker as the light slowly diminishes.

More info: Rui Sasaki | Instagram

Japanese artist Rui Sasaki’s Liquid Sunshine installation consists of a series of glowing glass orbs

Image source: Rui Sasaki

In a recent interview with DeMilked Rui said that when creating her works, wandering place to place is a key for her, as she can discover subtlety which she usually doesn’t realize in her daily life, as well as to re-know and re-notice who she is with knowing her surroundings.” Glass is the crucial material for me to make me explore about the concept of absence and presence, such as their phenomena of transparency and reflection,” says the artist.

Image source: Rui Sasaki

The artist says that completing one of her pieces can take between a month and three years to complete.

Image source: Rui Sasaki

“I want to bring attention to the moment when I discover who I am in this world of empty and dead space,” explains the artist. In her work, the uncanny becomes an important tool to help her recall her own authentic memories from the hidden and forgotten ones.

See more stunning images from Rui’s Liquid Sunshine installation below!

Image source: Rui Sasaki

Image source: Rui Sasaki

Image source: Rui Sasaki

See more of the artist’s impressive works below!

Image source: Rui Sasaki

Image source: Rui Sasaki

Image source: Rui Sasaki159 shares

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