10 Disney Princesses Given Realistic Proportions By Artist Holly Fae

As beautiful and inspiring Disney princesses may be, there’s one thing that’s a little off about them – they’re not really that realistic. What I mean by that is that their eyes and facial proportions look a little alien-like when compared to those of humans. And while it’s perfectly normal since it’s a cartoon, after all, artist Holly Fae decided to give a handful of Disney princesses subtle makeovers just to see how they would look with more human-like proportions. The artist even filmed the whole process of her makeovers and her videos went absolutely viral on TikTok, with some of them being viewed over 5 million times on the platform!

Check out some of Holly’s realistic Disney makeovers in the gallery below!

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Image credits: hollyfae_art

In a recent interview with Bored Panda, Holly said that Disney movies were a huge influence while she was growing up and that she would often draw some of the characters, with Ariel and Jasmine being her favorites.



Image credits: hollyfae_art

The idea for the realistic makeovers came after Holly wanted to create a meme using an image of Elsa and noticed how big her eyes were. She got curious and wanted to see how she might look with the proportions that were more similar to the classic 2D princesses. That’s when she decided to start the transformation and record the whole process. “Before I knew it, the video had gone viral and people were requesting other princesses, so it just turned into a fun project from there!” explained the artist.



Image credits: hollyfae_art

Holly added that her in her project, she is not making a commentary on Disney proportions, she’s only doing it out of curiosity and the desire to bring some fun to people’s day. “The initial Elsa video was really on a whim, but since that one, I’ve put a lot of care into each transformation, especially in the case of Moana and Jasmine. I spent lots of time looking at photos of women of their ethnicities because I wanted to get the features right,” said Holly. She’s even working on a tutorial that will teach you how to do these tutorials yourself so stay tuned!


Image credits: hollyfae_art

In the future, Holly plans to finish all of the Disney princesses and even try her hand at giving makeovers to characters from other franchises, like How to Train your Dragon or anime characters.

See the rest of Holly’s makeovers below!



Image credits: hollyfae_art



Image credits: hollyfae_art



Image credits: hollyfae_art


Image credits: hollyfae_art



Image credits: hollyfae_art



Image credits: hollyfae_art475 shares

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