I Photographed A Macedonian TV Reporter Who Decided To Embrace Her Alopecia

Although I consider myself a photographer of animals and nature, after hearing the story of journalist Cece Nikolova, I could not help but take her photos so that the whole world could see her beauty and courage, which demonstrated that natural beauty always beats artificial.

I asked Cece to tell me her story. “This is me,” she said. “Since I know about myself I have been living with alopecia. 3-4 years ago I somehow decided that in 2021, I would take off the wig and I would take a picture without it.

I got a little tired of wigs and everything they bring, a lot of attention and unnecessary stress. I’m happy to have alopecia because it is not something I can die from! Also, there really is nothing more beautiful than when you accept yourself as you are.”

More info: gorananastasovski.com | Facebook

Cece Nikolova is a Macedonian TV reporter

Cece decided she needed to embrace her true self

So she took her wig off after 10 years of struggling with Alopecia

“There really is nothing more beautiful than when you accept yourself as you are”

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