This Artist Paints In A Hyper-Realistic Style And Her Art Ranges From Impeccable To Eerie (50 Pics)

When it comes to hyper-realistic art, the wonderfully talented artist Kit King is a great example of what can be done when it comes to your creativity and ideas. King is a Bahamian Canadian artist who creates large-scale hyperrealist works. Her pieces are often shredded and rearranged to influence the ways in which they are perceived.

Given the chance, Bored Panda reached out to the artist.

“Both my parents were artists, so art is something I was raised with as a fundamental part of life. It’s more of a mind state—a way of being and seeing the world around you more than it is something that one does.

I don’t have any set thing that inspires me. I feel existence itself is an inspiration. Everything from the physical aspects of life, such as the way light hits something, to the metaphysical aspects of life, such as the human condition, inspires me. Often I like to pull elements from the tangible and intangible world and try to create a new space that combines them.

There is no shortage of inspiration. It engulfs me. Every day I feel the surge of inspiration and desire to create move through me. I don’t know life without this. Art is life. Or more so—life is art, and I’m just one tiny tendril of this.”

More info: Instagram | Facebook | | 

Here's A Better Look At The Finished Oil Painting. No Filters, No Editing.
oil On #trekellartsupplies Wood Panel 20"X20" 🎨
anyone Have Name Suggestions For This Piece?
a Three Way Collaboration Painted By Myself, My Hubby @oda.paints And Our Student For The Month @coltstattoos

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Jackson Floof5 hours ago

*Grandpa falling noises*-2Reply#2 

so I Woke Up W/ My Eye All Gnarly The Other Morning. Told My Hubs To Snap A Photo W/ The Nikon. We Thought It Looked Really Neat And Would Be Fun To Paint.... So We Are 😁 Sill Have A Ton To Go. But @oda.paints And I Are Having A Blast Working On Our First Hyperrealistic Collaboration.

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Jackson Floof5 hours ago

*Grandpa falling noises*-1ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#3 

Fun New Painting I Just Finished Up. Fit With A Custom Hand Bent Steel Framework To Finish It Off.
i Love How The Hand Placement Becomes More Of A Playful Composition When Paired With The Steel Frame- I Mean How Playful Is That Ear?!
oil Dry Brush On Clear Gessoed Belgian Linen 48”x45” With Custom Hand Bent Blackened Steel Framework By @corey.oda.popp

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Joe Mama5 hours ago

That’s beautiful!0Reply#4 

Throughout The Years I’ve Explored Various Art Media And The Many Techniques And Approaches To Each. The One I Keep Going Back To Seems To Raise The Most Questions: Oil Dry Brush On Clear Gessoed Linen. This Has Become My Signature Media Over The Years, And Is Often Mistaken For Charcoal Drawing On Toned Paper. Hard To Tell From A Little Square Photo On A Small Screen, But The Difference Between Them Is Felt In Person. In An Effort To Demystify This Approach (I Get So Many Dm Questions Pertaining To) I’ve Been Going Through The Process Of What’s Involved In One Of My Works And I’ve Turned It Into A Highlight On My Profile.
breaking Down The Process, How To Correct Errors, How I See The Subject, And All Captured In Oil Paint On Linen.
this Medium Is Not Forgiving! You Cannot Paint Over It, And You Cannot Erase It. So If You Make A Mistake You Have To Really Push Yourself Creatively To Find Ways To Fix Them. It Is The One Approach That Destroys My Body More Than Any Other. You Need To Work Fast To Lift Paint Out, And Not Let It Set Until It’s Just Right. You Need Quick Hand Movements To Blend Smoothly. It Takes A Massive Tole On Me Physically (Have To Ice My Hands And Wrists After Each Session), But I’m Obsessed With It As A Medium. I Love The Pressure Of No Error Margine. I Love The Way It Forces Me To See And Think Creatively In Terms Of Process And Not Just Subject. I Love That It Is Both Loose And Refined At The Same Time. I Can Be Very Stubborn And Obsessive And Yes, A Control Freak, And This Medium Forces Me To Be More Malleable When Things Don’t Go My Way. It Teaches Me Adaptability. It Gives Me A Unique Push And Pull Relationship With The Artwork. I Can Never Force My Way On It, It Has To Happen How It’s Going To Happen. Sometimes The Medium We Choose To Create In Isn’t For The End Result. Sometimes It’s For The Pure Joy Of Process.
crop Of Current Work In Progress. Oil On Clear Gessoed Belgian Linen.

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Jackson Floof5 hours ago

k e w l0ReplyView more comments 

Pleased To Announce I’ll Be Exhibiting My Painting “Horse To Water” At @seattleartfair This Year With @hallspassov Gallery.
swipe To See How Tens Of Thousands Of Individually Painted Hairs Came Together To Make This Piece.

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Joe Mama5 hours ago

I love horses!1ReplyView more comments#6 

Details And Daylight
#oilpainting 🌞👐🎨

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Sharaban Roza1 hour ago

First of all, this is soooooo sweet! Second, am I the first to comment on this? If I am that’s cool0ReplyView more comments#7 

🔴pastel On Paper.

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Poopinunicorn5 hours ago

This is very abstract but really cool in a way1ReplyView more comments#8 

"Artist Block"
20"X20" Oil On Linen
do You Ever Just Want To Punch Your Canvas And Say F*%# You! ?
so This Will Now Be My Painting For The #paintguide Show At @theunitlondon
i've Actually Painted Five Pieces For This Show Before This One, That All Got Tossed. Reasons Spanning From Legal Issues, Personal Screw UPS, To Damage From Kitties. 😑😣😔
soooo After Weeks Wasted, I Was Extremely Frustrated And Couldn't Think Of A New Piece To Paint For This Show. And I Was Running Out Of Days To Do It. For The First Time In My Life I Experienced Artist Block... I Didn't Know How To Combat This... I Asked My Husband Angrily "Can I Just Paint A Giant Middle Finger... B/C That's How I Feel Right Now".... And So I Did Just That.
any Of You Guys Relate To This? How Do You Combat Artist Block?
ps- My Knuckles Are Red B/C I Actually Punched Through A Canvas To Take The Reference Photo. That, My Friends, Is My Idea Of 'Art Therapy' 😆

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Ms.M.5 hours ago

I concur3ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#9 

Soooooo Close To Being Finished, Just Blurring The Edges And Blending The Shadows With My @trekell_art_supplies Mop Brush. And Will Do Some Glazing When It's Dry. Calling It Quits For Tonight, Before I Fall Apart. It's Been A Crazy Long Last Four Days Of Next To No Sleep, Painting Like A Madman.
i Also Realized Today That I've Been Oil Painting For Exactly One Year! 😳 🎉🎉🎉what An Insane Journey This Year Has Been. I've Learnt So Much. Can't Wait To See What The Future Years Bring.

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Hello!5 hours ago

That looks so amazing! I wish I could draw like that! T^T2ReplyView More Replies…View more comments#10 

O P H E L I A 🔴
oil Dry Brush On Clear Gessoed Linen With Custom Hand Bent Blackened Steel Framework.
wanted To Play Around With Framework That Is An Extension Of The Painting Itself And Have Fun With Form And Convention.

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Hello!5 hours ago


Realized The Hubs @oda.paints & I Never Posted The Final Photo Of This Painting We Did. So Here It Is...
oil On Wood Panel By My Hubby And Me.
the Manipulation Of Lighting In This Piece Makes You Question The Directionality Of The Eye. Upside Right? Or Upside Down? It's Actually Upside Right...with My Eye Looking Down, And A Heavy Light Source Coming From Below, It's Gives The Illusion That The Eye Could Be Upside Down.
for Prints Of This Piece, Click The Link In My Bio, And Hit The "Prints" Tab.
thanks For Looking 👀

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Just Need To Varnish It To Even Out The Darks (Looks A Bit Patchy With The Drying Black Oil Paint Turning Grey, And The Blacks Don’t Have Their Full Depth Yet. So Ignore That... Will Be Smoother Après Varnish) But The Custom Steel Frame Is On! “Five Lies”
oil On Clear Gessoed Belgian Linen With Custom Hand Made Steel Frame With Black Patina.
diptych. 85”x60”
so Excited With How This One Turned Out. The Photos And Video Don’t Do It Justice. So Much Better In Person.

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Susan Green2 hours ago

So realistic looking.0ReplyView more comments#13 

🎨paint Selfies.
#wip #oilonlinen

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oil On Linen
new Piece The Hubs @oda.paints And I ( @oda_and_king ) For The The 5th Annual @supersonicart Invitational Opening January 9th, 2016 At @spoke_art
#supersonicart 🍴
this Is Not A Sculpture! It Is A Flat Painting. The Shadows Are Painted. Everything You See Is Painted.

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sometimes We Go To Extremes To Disfigure Ourselves, Only To Refigure Ourselves To Someone Else's Standards.
my Question To You Is- How Much Is Too Much?
oil On Linen Wrapped Birch Gallery Panel.
painted By Myself @kit_king And My Hubby @oda.paints
this Piece Will Be Displayed At The @lastritesgallery Group Show 'Transfigure' Between August 22nd- October 3rd 2015.
be Sure To Check It Out If You're In The NY, NY Area.

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🔨 Cause And Effect In Reverse.
‘Reactive’ Panpastel On Drywall With Custom Steel Mount And Glass.
49” X 34.5” X 3.25”

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O P H E L I A II 🔴
oil Dry Brush On Clear Gessoed Belgian Linen With Custom Hand Bent Blackened Steel Frame.
wanted To Play Around With Framework That Is An Extension Of The Painting Itself & Have A Little Fun With Form And Convention.

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Soooo My Solo Works Ship Out Today... On Friday 13th 😧.... From Canada To Germany.
it’s Just Day Right? Like Any Other Day.. Right?
my Babies Are Totally Gonna Be Okay, And Arrive Alive, Right????
#notatimetobesuperstitious #fridaythe13th
progress Shot Of One Of My Paintings For The Show. 👀 Oil On Linen.

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Close Up Of This Pastel Painting I Made. You’ll Be Able To View It In Person In Munich At @galerie_benjamin_eck Later This Year :)

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#progress #oilonlinen

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Oil On Linen 🎨

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'the Girl Made Of Many'
for This Painting, I Took A Model I Have Painted In The Past, But I Changed Every Feature Of Her Face. I Wanted To Examine What Makes The Likeness Of A Person. (Anyone That Has Ever Created A Portrait Knows What I'm Talking About....) I Kept The Structure Of The Face, While Changing The Eyes, Nose, Lips, And Chin To That Of Other People With Various Ethnicities, Ages, Backgrounds. I Assumed That I Would Wind Up With A Completely Different Looking Person, But Interestingly Discovered That Even With Changing All Her Features For That Of Others, She Was Still Undeniably Her. That The Foundation For Which These Features Lay, And Their Precise Measurements From One Another Is Where Likeness Resides.
this Was A Super Fun Experiment That Gave Me Great Insight To Portraiture And How To Move Forward When Trying To Capture Likeness In The Future.
oil On Linen Hand Cut And Hand Riveted To Custom Aluminum Support.
email Me For Purchase Info

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Painting Mini People For A Miniature Exhibition Coming Up At @abendgallery 😯

kit_king Report4pointsPOST#24 

A Little Sneak Peek To What You'll Find At Beinart Gallery Later This Year 🙊
the Hubs (@oda.paints) And I Have A Show Coming Up In November With The Talented @pammyw222

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So This Drawing I've Been Working On Is Referenced From A Photo I Took Of My Kid Sister During A Fun Little Shoot We Did With Messy Hair And This Black Powdery Stripe Painted Across Her Eyes.... My Momma Said "She Looks Like A Homeless Wolf Child In Them" (Which I Love). So I Want To Name It Something To Reflect That. All I Can Think Of Are 'Moon Child' Or 'Wolf Child' In Some Fancy Language... Or Something With Feral Or Untamed.... Any Name Suggestions?

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⚪️ ⚪️ ⚪️ F L O A T I N G
oil And Acrylic On Clear Gessoed Linen.
catch This Painting At My Solo Show ‘The Donkeys Belly’ Opening Sept 28th At @galerie_benjamin_eck In Munich, Germany.
please Email The Gallery For Any Acquisition Deets. ✌️

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´download Failed’
a Fun Smaller Sized Piece For The @paintguide Exhibit Going Down At @thinkspace_art Next Month. Exploring Premeditative Process While Having Fun Playing With Materials- Experimenting Ways To Layer And Mix Media. Here’s The Result Of Oil Paint, Acrylic Paint, Oil Pencil, And Sakura Jelly With A Custom Hand Made Steel Frame That Hugs The Gessoed Oak Panel.
where It Looks As Though The Painting Is Reacting To The Contraints Of The Steel Frame, It Goes Against What We Understand Of Process. Causality Trip For Kicks.

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#wip Oil On Linen

kit_king Report3pointsPOST#29 

🎨 Oil On Linen.

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Hello!5 hours ago

This one is SOO realistic!1Reply#30 

"I Felt Lied To"
oil On Linen, Sliced Up, Reconfigured, And Riveted To Steel And Aluminum Support.
• I Painted This Piece And Cut It Into Strips As A Way Of Dissecting And Reconfiguring How We Address Cultural Identity Through The Lens Of Diversity In 2017. We Are Seeing Canadian Citizens With Colourful Backgrounds At The Front Lines Of A Cultural Rift As A Result Of Political Runoff While We Contend To Remain A Country True To It's Foundations Of Multiculturalism. This Displacement Is Entering The Relationships We Are Not Just Forming, But Affecting The Relationships Already Established Between Citizens, And We Can Witness The Face Of Diversity Changing As A Result. "I Felt Lied To" Exposes Cultural Identity Issues Through The Portrait Of A Lebanese Canadian Who Has Lost Loved Ones As A Result Of The Shift In Diversity Norms. The Painting Dissected, And Reconfigured Is A Literal Depiction Of The Shift Her Identity Has Taken In The Recent Year- The Shift In How She's Viewed, And As She Views Herself As She Reevaluates Her Background And What It Means In Terms Of Being A Canadian Citizen, And How This Forms Her Cultural Identity.
"(She) Was Talking About My People, Where My Family Is From- It Was So Hateful. What Could I Do?... It's Hard To Imagine I Lost A Decade Of Friendship Over This. She Always Said I Was Like A Sister. I Felt Lied To."

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Current #wip
#ohnonotnippies #strategicallyplacedbrush
can We All Just Move Past Being Offended By Nipples In Artwork So I Can Stop Shitting Up My Paintings With Ridiculous Censoring?
#pleasestopreportingmyart #thesenippiesarentdangerous
oils On Linen

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silver Oils And Liquid Mirror Make The Trickling Water Dance On The Linen When The Light Changes Or Your Position To The Painting Changes.
something In The Works For @scopeartshow With @artleadher And @azartgallery
pop By Booth F33 November 29th-December 4th To See It In Real.

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My Piece "Dimensional Analogue", From My Solo. Email

kit_king Report3pointsPOST#34 

Little Teaser Of What You'll Find At My Solo Exhibit 'Dimensional Analogue'
going Down April 23rd - May 8th At Last Rites Gallery, NYC
@lastritesgallery 😎🎨

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"Our Little Secret"
oil On Linen Wrapped Panel.
painted By Myself (@kit_king) And My Husband @oda.paints For The 'Transfigure' Group Show At @lastritesgallery Aug 22nd- Oct 3rd.
this Piece Is Meant To Subsume The Duality Of Unsettlement And Allurement, Not Only Through Tones And Lighting, But With The Subject Matter. Having The Hands Being As Invasive As They Are, Can Suggest Multiple Stories. It Explores Sexual Concepts W/O Objectifying The Human Body. Exploring Sex Through The Soul.
whether The Person Looks At This Piece And Sees Something Unsettling, Or Sees Something Alluring Will Be Personal To That Individual...and Part Of The Title And The Secrecy Is Not Knowing Which Story The Artists Are Trying To Convey, And Jointly Which Story The Viewer Sees.
i Realize I Have Quite A Few Younger Followers On Here, So Please Be Respectful Or You Will Be Blocked If Unable To Be Mature.
thank You.

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#sneakpeek To A Commissioned Painting @oda.paints And I Have Been Working.
we Have A Few New Pieces In The Works Right Now. #keepingbusy
oil On Wood Panel.

kit_king Report3pointsPOST#37 

'perfectly Weird'
finished Drawing Of The Wonderful @yoursistersun
graphite & Charcoal On Canson Illustration Paper.
made Some Videos On How I Drew The Hair. Just Need To Figure Out How To Piece Them Together And Upload To Youtube 😅

kit_king Report3pointsPOST#38 

Drawing With Rubbish Pencils.

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Sharaban Roza1 hour ago

I won’t lie, that’s pretty cool!0Reply#39 

🎨the Final Painting Ready To Ship Out To @zonamaco With @youn_gallery "The Killing Of Truth"
oil On Aluminum
🔴 Sold

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#40 

i Need A Title For This New Painting. Any Suggestions?
(Also You Can Swipe To See The Awkward Progress. They Always Look So Horrible Before The Final Days. #trusttheprocess)
oil On Aluminum
this Piece Will Be At @zonamaco With @youn_gallery
contact Galerie Youn For Acquisition Info. 👍

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#41 

The Full Piece. Swipe To See How The Face Emerges And Disappears When You Look At It From Opposing Sides, And Check Out All The Hidden Little Bits Found Throughout.
oil On Linen Riveted To Aluminum.
really Having Fun Exploring The Versatility Of Oil Painting As A Medium.
i Paint The Piece First And Then Cut It Up.

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#42 

Aaaand The Final Painting Once Fully Assembled.
"Cori With An I'
oil On Linen, Cut Up And Riveted To An Aluminum And Steel Support.
you Can See This Piece In Person At The @seattleartfair Beginning Of Next Month. Keep An Eye Out For The @youn_gallery Booth. Email For Acquisition Info. 👍🏾
big Thanks To My Stunning Husband @oda.paints For Being My Muse🖤

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#43 

My Painting For Montreal's @youn_gallery #artisanseries Exhibit.
"Cold And Clear"
oil On Linen Wrapped Gallery Panel.

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#44 

When Your Friend Asks You For Hand Reference And You Decide To Take Creative License. 🌀😎👐🏽 #notatallwhatheaskedfor #toobadsucka
#mywristboneisontheunderside #brokeassbones

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Only A Few More Days Until The Opening Of My Solo Exhibit #dimensionalanalogue At @lastritesgallery In NYC.
email For A Pdf Of Available Works. (There's Only Six Left😳 #dontsnooze)
here's One Of The Available Paintings:
"Kinetic Brink"
oil On Linen 42"X62"
comes With Custom Maple Float Frame.

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Space Is Occupied By An Internal Consciousness. We Are More Of Nothing Than We Are Of Something.
"There Is Vastly More Nothing Than Something. Roughly 74 Percent Of The Universe Is “Nothing,” Or What Physicists Call Dark Energy; 22 Percent Is Dark Matter, Particles We Cannot See. Only 4 Percent Is Baryonic Matter, The Stuff We Call Something. And Even Something Is Mostly Nothing. Atoms Overwhelmingly Consist Of Empty Space. Matter’s Solidity Is An Illusion Caused By The Electric Fields Created By Subatomic Particles."
oil On Linen
available For Pre-Sale As Part Of My Upcoming Solo Exhibit #dimensionalanalogue Which Examines How We All Perceive Space In Different Measures. Opening At @lastritesgallery April 23rd.
👉🏼email For Purchase Information, & For An Exhibition Preview Pdf Of Other Available Works.

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#47 

Do You Ever Wonder How We Came To Be? Why We Are As We Are? How We Came To Be Perfect For This World. All Our Features, Our Flesh Fine Tuned For What We Need To Survive On This Planet. Yet, How Despite Being Created Within The Masses, We Retain Our Individuality?
one Could Surmise That There Is A Select Elite Group Of Creators, Or Gods, Responsible For These Answers.
up There Shaping Us. Moulding Us. Fitting Everything Just Right, All The While Making Sure Each One Of Their Creations Is A Unique Piece Of Art.
humans Beings- The Perfect Creation In The Eyes Of The Gods. Each One Of Us, An Image In Their Minds That They Personify Into The Tangible Beings That We Are. From Our Bone Structure To Skin Texture, And How It Is All Held Together In Its Most Beautiful Form. They Envision Us, And Create Us With Their Limitless Power.
not Everyone In The Heavens Are Creators Though. Some Meant For Shaping The Lands. While Some Meant For Keeping The Cycle Of Things In Order.
once In A While, There Is A Questioner In The Heavens That Wonders If They Have What It Takes To Shape As The Creators Do. They Step Out Of Their Place And Jump In Where They Shouldn't. And In Their Over Confidence They Sneak Into The Dome Of Creation, And Decide To Try Their Hand At Shaping Mankind On An In Progress Creation. Fashioning Paper Where Beautiful Skin Should Be, And Drawing On The Features With A Markers Instead Of The Chiseled Perfection The Creators Achieve. The Result Of The "I Got This" Moment, Breeds This Self Assured Abomination.
turns Out It's Not As Easy As It Appears. Perhaps The Years Of Creating Were A Necessity Of The Process.
perhaps Only The Creators Themselves Can Truly Say "I Got This".
"I Got This"
oil On Linen Painted By Myself And My Hubby @oda.paints For The Transfigure Group Show At @lastritesgallery Coming Up August 22nd.

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oil On Linen Wrapped Birch Gallery Panel.
new #odaking Painting Done By Me And My Hubby @oda.paints For The 'Transfigure' Group Show At @lastritesgallery August 22nd- October 3rd.

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#49 

Putting The Final Touches On This One Before It Gets Framed Up.

kit_king Report2pointsPOST#50 

Oil On Wood Panel

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