30 Beautifully Designed Embassies From All Over The World

Everyone loves a nicely designed building – looking at one feels like looking at a nice piece of art. And with more and more generic buildings popping up everywhere, spotting a nice piece of architecture is becoming increasingly rare. Lucky for us, there still are beautiful buildings being built – take embassies for example. These uniquely designed buildings that house diplomats usually stand out from the rest and look like giant pieces of art you can enter – check them out in the gallery below!

#1 France in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Image source: Michel Denancé

#2 Switzerland in Abidjan, Ivory Coast

Image source: Iwan Baan

#3 Germany in Muscat, Oman

Image source: Gijo Paul George

#4 Iraq in Kulosaari Island in Helsinki, Finland

Image source: MKFI

#5 Belgium in New Delhi, India

Image source: reynaersi

#6 France In Vienna, Austria

Image source: MrPanyGoff

#7 Netherlands in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Image source: unknown

#8 Denmark in Reykjavík, Iceland

Image source: unknown

#9 Kazakhstan in Washington DC, US

Image source: Elvert Barnes

#10 North Korea in London, UK

Image source: Boweruk

#11 Egypt in Lisbon, Portugal

Image source: João Morgado

#12 Brazil in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Image source: Fulviusbsas

#13 Italy in Brasilia, Brazil

Image source: SkyscraperCity

#14 Austria in Jakarta, Indonesia

Image source: Austrian Embassy

#15 Switzerland in Nairobi, Kenya

Image source: Embassy Of Switzerland

#16 Turkey in Abuja, Nigeria

Image source: Hasan Özbay

#17 Australia in Jakarta, Indonesia

Image source: Australian Embassy Jakarta

#18 Norway in Kathmandu, Nepal

Image source: Norway in Nepal

#19 New Zealand in Moscow, Russia

Image source: Lev Kekushev

#20 Libya in Valletta, Malta

Image source: Continentaleurope

#21 Ecuador in Bogota, Colombia

Image source: Embassy of Ecuador

#22 Japan in Bratislava, Slovakia

Image source: Gryffindor

#23 US in Moscow, Russia

Image source: NVO

#24 Mongolia in Berlin, Germany

Image source: Orderinchaos

#25 Canada in Tokyo, Japan

Image source: RS1421

#26 Saudi Arabia in Ottawa, Canada

Image source: SimonP

#27 Russia in Havana, Cuba

Image source: Nick De Marco

#28 Croatia in Canberra, Australia

Image source: Croboi80

#29 Peru in Doha, Qatar

Image source: unknown

#30 Afghanistan in Prague, Czech Republic

Image source: Krokodyl239 shares

Aušrys Uptas 

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