37 Times New Tenants Found Surprising Things Left By The Previous Owners

When moving into a new home, you never know what the old walls are hiding. Bored Panda has compiled a list of the strangest things people have discovered when tearing down the floors and walls of their new homes and while some of them are nice messages from former owners, others are downright creepy.

From Monopoly floors to hidden cemeteries – check out what people discovered in the gallery below!


#1 Pulled Up The Carpet At The House, And Guess What I Found!

Image source: Nnewel

#2 I Was Helping My Dad Move Into His New Office, When We Found A Trapdoor

Image source: Lumarous

#3 Treasure In My Bathroom

Image source: Oldred92

#4 This Vintage Space Themed Wallpaper Found Under 3 Layers Of Other Wallpaper In An Old Farm House

Image source: bubbaloon

#5 The Walgreens In My Neighborhood Used To Be A Bank And They Used Its Vault As Their Vitamin Section

Image source: jhal2

#6 The Table At This Pub Has A Well In The Middle Of It (England)

Image source: TeddyTeey

#7 Found A Paw Print On A Brick Wall

Image source: PoisoNinja

#8 Untouched 1800’s Cemetery Preserved In The Basement Of A Tall Building Built Over It

Image source: HierEncore

#9 Our New Apartment Has A Little Milk Door Under The Cabinets

Image source: d416

#10 Friend Was Redecorating His New House And Found This Under A Layer Of Wallpaper

Image source: thatjasonguy_


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