Autistic Author Opens Up About Getting Her Diagnosis In This Literary Short Story

Autism in women is oftentimes overlooked and left undiagnosed for far too long. Women with autism get diagnosed later in live and sometimes even as an adult. 

After receiving the diagnoses this introspective quest starts. What is a symptom and what is personality? Can you even seperate the two? You start looking at yourself in another way. 

Richelle Edens is a writer that after a long journey has been diagnosed with autism at age 28, and she has written a literary short story about the first few hours after getting her diagnosis. 

The Little Red Writer is a literary project where you can listen to and enjoy a new short story every week. Because of Autism Awareness Month in this weeks story Richelle opens up about her personal journey with her autism. 

This weeks story is accompanied by images of Richelle arranging marbles and creating beautifull patterns.

How Does Getting A Diagnosis Change The Way You Look At Yourself?

Instead of playing with marbles the intended way, she likes to arrange them into beautifull patterns

Creating patterns and making the world beautifull is a soothing activity

In the end it’s a relief to finally get the right diagnosis and she’s proud to be autistic

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I’m a writer and a videographer with autism. Read more »

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