Covid2019 – New Powerful Illustrations By Gunduz Aghayev – [share]

The unexpected guest of the planet demonstrated that the hunanity is far from attaining its safety. Even in the most developed countries, health sectors are helpless in the face of the “invisible guest.” However, it took a period of time for people to actually acknowledge this horrifying fact. Now, we are contiuning our lives as if we are in a sci-fi movie. This looks like a war. The difference is, the fighters are not military servicemen, but labaratory and medical workers, scientists, doctors and nurses. This historical stage is changing mindsets of people. As it is during the wars – death, fear, distress, anxiety have turned to be a part of our lives. Covid-19 has developed these feelings inside many of us.

Artist Gunduz Aghayev depicted “the period of chaos” of which the end is still unforeseeable.





Daft Punk



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