This Photographer Managed To Capture The Step-By-Step Process Of A Cat Chasing Pigeons (15 Pics)

Sergej Boldenkov is a photographer from Perm, Russia. He started his photography career way back in 2014 and has been doing it ever since. Sergej’s favorite type of photos are the ones that capture real and raw human emotion, unusual architecture, landscapes, and even planes. However, this time, the main focus isn’t on the photographer itself, but rather on the fluffy and adorable 3-year-old Persian cat named Barsik whose owner is Sergej’s niece.

The photographer captured the whole step-by-step process of how to “successfully” hunt down pigeons, showing us a glimpse of Barsik’s everyday life. Given that, we invite you to scroll down and take a look at the series of photos that show how the ginger feline approached several pigeons, waiting for the exact moment to startle them. Who knows, maybe one could take some really good notes from this step-by-step “tutorial” provided to you by Barsik. After all, lessons can come in many forms, and sometimes it can look like a ball of fluff trying to chase your local pigeons.

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This is Barsik, a 3-year-old Persian cat who lives in Russia and terrorizes the pigeons of Perm daily

The giant orange floof put on quite the performance outside Boldenkov’s niece’s house

And the talented photographer managed to capture the cat that was caught red-handed directly “at the scene of the crime”

Barsik, like the fierce cat that he is, decided to go on a hunt for some local pigeons

The pigeons, however, were minding their own business, hurriedly trying to grab the last of the sunflower seeds that were scattered on the ground

The attempt at terrorizing the poor birds was fast and calculated

It seemed that Barsik’s plan to catch at least one bird didn’t work out quite as expected

The “hunt”, though unsuccessful this time, still proved to be worth the photographer’s time as we got to see a giant fluff ball in full-action

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