Why Do African Artists Fail To Go Forward? Here Are Reasons Given By Josephs Quartzy

African artists wishes to have a wide out range of their works out there but they fail to pave their ways, it’s simply because they can not take a step out with current issues.

In this post we are going to observe 9 facts on the failure to African artist both musical artist,actors, graphics artists, creatives and all the other artists.


This is when Artist need to have a government backup but fails and sometimes lose their basic rights but they have nowhere to ctmry and be heard.


Some art giants in africa such as Producers, Labels, Musicians and Managers chooses only people they know or they think they may get something from that person and may even leave a true talent behind and chooses someone they think of themselves.


Other art giants would support an artist if he is given something in advance to feed up his stomach or he is given corruption in many ways such as in money form or sexual corruptions.


Alot of african artist lack the penetration to the futher points due to their social statuses. He’s got a talet, Yesn then what?. He’s got no money to support his art that means his talent will fade away as it started. For example a musician named Josephs quartzy failed to record his songs because all he had in the stomach wasn’t enough even for his own stomach.


You find and artist is from a very dense village where he can bot reach out yhere and be seen by others that means hetshe will never get a chance for histher works to be notable.


You get an African artist is basing on hiving the very outdated art types that are not heard any moreor they are preferred but hetshe brings them in a wrong place. For example stage local sances in Towns.


Medias nowadays chooses whom to support and whom to leave behind, they only base to those who are trending at that time, all they look forwatlrd are their advantages and not their work ethics.


Artists themselves may have problems that will make them fade themselves. For example over confidence, early satisfying, drug abuse, over expenses, superiority feelings, unnecessary battles.


A large jumber of fans nowadys are online based fans who ho to a musician only to insult, attack, abuse and find faults on an artist and they never advice, that real kills the pride and an artist vibe, also fans chooses whom to side and whom to attack. For example Tanzanian musicians Diamond Platnumz, Harmonize, Rayvanny and Alikiba have been the victim for such matters.

This article was helped by a 22 year old Tanzanian-born musician, author, Youtuber and Rapper Josephs Quartzy who provided us with all the reasons mentioned above because he’s been a victim of such problems that made him delay to reach his dreams. Check his works which are all over the internet to give him courage. Let’s reduce some artist obstacles starting with this


African Artist

Josephs Quartzy

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