CONNECT is an illustration that is all about having fun with my friends during my spare free time. It takes inspiration from memories of hanging out with my friends in Raleigh and Durham, and the composition itself was inspired by visual artist Koketit and musician Fivio Foreign. Spending time with my friends used to be one of my more prioritized hobbies, but it has not been as important as it used to be because of the goals I am trying to achieve. My top priorities right now are my business and finishing my college education. I still do appreciate the friends that still reach out to me from time to time to check and see how I am doing on a regular basis. I like to hang around and talk with my friends occasionally, but only when I have myself figured out first. I like to stay focused on what I must improve about myself as well as what I need to focus on to reach my full potential as both a person and as an artist. I like to ride out with a few of my friends and family in order further learn more about the different environments of North Carolina. I have always thought that being stuck in your own head will not get you as far as being able to connect with other people. Being able to understand people is a great way to learn not only about the world around you but also about yourself as well as how to further grow and develop as a human being as well.

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My name is Myles Brown, and I am an artist from North Carolina. Since participating in my first ever art exhibition at the Cary Town Mall, I have never stopped loving art. I am an artist who uses both traditional and digital mediums to create my artwork. My art usually consists of both personal thoughts and experiences that I have had to deal with while growing into a young adult. My inspiration for my art came from my publication in the Wake Review magazine in 2019. I was able to learn how to make art that really resonated with people who are my age without really having to sacrifice my ideas because of my experience with the Wake Review. Read more »Show All Contributors

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