Hemsperon Creatures Far And Wide Meet Beasts Eye To Eye

Hemsperon is a fictional and magical world with many wonderful creatures called Sturatheriums unlike those on earth. You can add Sturatheriums too this world by using #Hemsperon as long as I allow them. Their are 6 continents and 2 very large islands. The 6 continents are Zamorzhennaya which is a cold snowy landscape,Hayutopia which is very lush and forested,Industriata a large enchanted landscape,Engapheliyo which is a dry arid continent Thermotia which is very hot and dry with lots of fire and lava and Fasachfuar which is a dry and cold desert. The 2 biggest islands in Hemsperon are Yingting Insula which is a dark realm of shadows and Ragata Insula a bloody landscape where blood grows like grass. Hemsperon has 4 moons that have no known life. The 4 moons are Hasirusamudra,Goldiewachitsulo,Karapapura and Pingkeuseuteulaipeu. Their are many different elementations that are like Pokemon types here is a list. Water,Fire,Nature,Rock,Fantasy,Dark,Acidic,Ice,Electric,Blood and Sky. Again just like Pokemon types some elementations are either weak or strong against others and a Sturatherium can have up to 2 kinds of elementation. Some creatures in this album are not Sturatheriums but are Mythicatheriums which can have a max of 5 elementations. The creators of Hemsperon are Draegothon/Dragotherium and Deamogin who are ascended Mythicatheriums who have infinite elementation and are able to use elementation not comprehensible to all other living things.

This gallery does NOT have animations,collabs or very old Hemsperon related stuff I recommend you check out the album linked here https://www.pixilart.com/dragotherium/gallery/album/hemsperon-78938

More info: pixilart.com



Zamorzhennaya Snow


Swamp Scene

Duelpiscis VS Lupisantes

Bullaflyer Eggs





Diriforabis VS Labrumillgum


Armisigillum vs Crystalis

Universe Dragon

Mutated Dracleo Mega


Cave Dwellers

Tunnel Beast

Eye Of The Storm

Attakai Desert





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