I Make Digital Illustrations Of Non-Existent Spaces Other People Imagine

My name is Gaia Radić, and I’m a 20-year-old digital artist from Croatia. I am currently studying architecture in Ljubljana, Slovenia, and in my free time, I like to create digital visualizations of imaginary interior and exterior spaces. Each of the shown images is actually a representation of a specific person’s mind. I interviewed many interesting people of different ages, genders, and life backgrounds, about “what would their mind look like if they were to imagine it as a physical space.” Out of the many answers I received back, I chose some of the most interesting ones and illustrated them.

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This is a very warm – hearted and kind person, with fun youthful energy and great charisma

Each object and detail on each image metaphorically represents a particular trait of someone’s personality. In a way, each shown imaginary space is actually a metaphorical “portrait” of that specific person. All the descriptions are hidden and anonymous, so no one can even know who the person to whom a specific “space” belongs is. This way, the focus is on their personality and psyche, without any attention put into their “real life” traits such as nationality, race, gender, financial status, appearance, etc.

They even described their beautiful view on a swimming pool during a pink desert sunset

This was an exciting project because it shows the inner workings of a person’s mind, their unique traits, and their imagination’s vividness.

These artworks were also showcased at my first exhibition held in January in Rijeka, Croatia.

A very flegmatic, sensitive person, with a deep and serene look in the eyes

Try to think about it yourself! What would your mind look like if it was a physical space? How many windows and doors would it have? What would be the color of the walls? What kind of furniture would it have or, for example, are there any wall decorations?

This is a very wise, calm and seemingly organized person secretly battling with a lot of anxiety

They even described a separate room full of thousands of small rocks “spilling” through the door. The rocks represent their intrusive thoughts

A very adventurous thrill – seeker, with a hidden side that is very romantic and sensitive

A deep, intelligent and somewhat dark mind, with a lot of confidence and poise

A quiet, introverted and very creative person, living in the reality of their own

This is someone very brave, talkative and diplomatic, with good confidence and a sense of humor

A very emotional and introverted person, that is very reserved and quiet, but has a beautiful mind

A very stabile, strong – willed and kind person, with a good sense of humor and a hedonistic taste

This is an idealistic, courageous thrill – seeker, always striving for something better in their life

Me standing infront of some of my artwork at my first exhibition, holding my first Artist’s book

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