I Paint Stuff I See And Places I’ve Been To

I like to paint things that are funky, have a vibe that makes space therein have character. The work draws me in and I find myself lost in capturing the simplicity I liked in the subjects. Sometimes I make things realistic and sometimes I allow the work to fall into abstraction. I never make preliminary drawings as I let the artwork become what it will be naturally. After painting for some time and making corrections over and over again I come to a point where the painting becomes what I saw and felt.

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Some old buttons sprinkled across a surface like memories of beautiful cloths they adorned. This is my covid 19 response to missing the close connections we share with everyday life casually meeting and bumping into new people. I thought the colors and buttons reminded me of 1970 furniture, just missing the plastic covers on the couch. 

Original oil painting produced during lock down in 2020 by Thomas Hoyle. 

The Dude

The Dude was a creative character and I wanted to capture his vibe and funkiness. The painting has a painter quality that brush strokes are noticeable and the base coat shows through in background, look at the detail upper right corner. Look at the sweater and you can see the different colors I used to make it look cool or warm, look closely. Look at the back ground as you can see the thin layer of the under painting with heavier layers of paint in different areas. The painting has many colors of brown, greens, purples, working in subtle tones. look at the eyes and soft the shadows are making the small details work. In this painting I started to look at my brushes in a different way and manipulated them differently then in the past. This was a creative jump that we experience sometimes as we are painting and trying new things. This was a departure from earlier paintings where I carefully softened brush strokes and hid them. The painting was a chance to capture the essence of a person who moves and does at his own desires. People wish to be free from all the things that add up and consume their lives. This painting is a reminder of all the things that the world is trying to sell you and you know that it is bullshit. I found the frame at an off beat place and thought it added to the browns by creating an older funky appearance. Jeff Bridges was great at his role and created an iconic character. This is one of my favorite paintings and I do hold the right to not sell it. So it is maybe for sale and I am using the shop to share the image.


I painted the Vans as they are in the right condition, wore and dirty. Some things look better as they age and these shoes have that look. They are also unique as they are Hosoi sponsored Vans. The shoes take me back to skating with friends. The dark atmosphere lends to the mystery surrounding the skating culture.


Tacos are always on the menu, who could pass them up? I painted this taco as I saw that it would be cool and convey to Pop culture that we are always surrounded by advertising. As we drive down the street we are reading all the signs to fast food even if we are not going to one. They are intrusive to our field of vision. So during eating my tacos and after wandering off to my thoughts I snapped a pic and off to painting I went.

Persian Winter

Portrait drawing using an Ipad Pro of a model in winter attire. I like the feel of the Adobe sketch program it was very forgiving when making mistakes. I get stuck in patterns and I am attracted to them. I spent a lot of time working on the hat and capturing the individual layers of yarn. The face is smooth and contrast with the texture of the hat. The puckered lips have the tiny little muscles finely drawing. The head is delicately framed by the hair that is drawing softly but with details. The drawing has this softness to it that makes you want to zoom in to see the details up close.

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I am an oil painter who likes a bunch of things. I started out drawing on little match books when I was a kid. I always found a need to draw something that catches my eye. Everyday life is me processing the things I see and painting the stuff I can’t stop thinking about until its finished. I don’t know if anyone will respond to what I am painting as I just follow the inner urge to make the image. Read more »Show All Contributors


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