I’ve Been G(r)eeking Out Lately On Greek Mythology, So I Created These Stories In My Paper Theatre

I am an illustrator and paper artist. I’m taking some of my favorite Greek myths and illustrating them using my paper theatre—a technique of cutting characters and props and photographing them inside a miniature theatre.

I’ll keep illustrating mythology stories from the Greeks and move on to world mythology. You can see the full stories on my website and Instagram.

More info: Instagram | abecalendar.com

The Myth of Pandora

The Myth of Prometheus


Kronos was the son of Gaia, the earth, and Uranus, the sky. He overthrew his father and reigned as the leader of the first generation of Titans. However, the fates revealed that he would meet the same destiny as his father: to be overthrown by one of his children. In fear of losing his power, he took every child as soon as his wife Rhea gave birth, and swallowed the infant in one gulp. One by one, Hestia, Demeter, Hera, Hades, and Poseidon. Kronos devoured his children attempting to fool the fates.


To save her newborn from Kronos, Rhea hid him away on the island of Crete and named him Zeus.

The War of the Titans

Zeus returned and made Cronus vomit his swallowed children and led them to a rebellion against the Titans. The war lasted ten years, but Zeus and the Olympians won, and imprisoned the Titans in Tartarus.

This scene was tough to figure out and almost gave up on it. Not my favorite, but I’m still learning this process


Orpheus reached river Styx, and the ferryman took him down into the Underworld to bring back Eurydice.

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I am a Mexican illustrator based in Los Angeles. 

Born and raised in Guadalajara, México, I moved to Los Angeles after attending the Illinois Institute of Art. During that time I have worked with clients such as Disney, Netflix, HBO Blizzard, and Lego. 

After seven years of working as a graphic designer, I decided to become a full-time illustrator. Right now I’m working on my own projects, writing my own stories for picture books, and running an online shop where I sell prints, stickers, zines, and other merch. Read more »

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