Love Yourself







LOVE YOURSELF is a sleek and bright colored composition that I made during the beginning parts of winter break from college. I wanted to made something like this for a while, but I had to improve my illustration skills before I could draw something like this. My goal with LOVE YOURSELF was to create a design spreading the message of not needing anybody else to love you in order to live a life full of happiness. I choose to draw this composition featuring flowers in a vase being surrounded by snakes partially because flowers are common gifts people give to others for showing love and the snakes are there because snakes are obviously very shady and sneaky. Nine times out of ten snakes will try to sneak up behind you in order to take what you have when you’re down and don’t really value yourself as a person, which is what I wanted to illustrate with this composition.


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My name is Myles Brown, and I am an artist from North Carolina. Since participating in my first ever art exhibition at the Cary Town Mall, I have never stopped loving art. I am an artist who uses both traditional and digital mediums to create my artwork. My art usually consists of both personal thoughts and experiences that I have had to deal with while growing into a young adult. My inspiration for my art came from my publication in the Wake Review magazine in 2019. I was able to learn how to make art that really resonated with people who are my age without really having to sacrifice my ideas because of my experience with the Wake Review. Read more »

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