This Man Used The Power Of A.I. To Show Us How 10 Celebrities Who Passed Away Would Look Like Today

As sad as it may sound, some of our most beloved celebrities left this world too soon, and we never got the chance to see how they would look like today. However, one man was tired of guessing and decided to use the power of A.I. to see how a handful of celebrities might have looked like if they were still alive today.

Hidreley Diao says he decided to use artificial intelligence apps and Photoshop to see if he could revive the celebrities, and got some mixed results. “Artificial intelligence is, of course, far from perfect,” says the man. “Some of these images look quite creepy, some don’t change the celebrity that much.” See how his images turned out in the gallery below!

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#1 John Lennon

Image source: hidreley

Born October 9, 1940.
Died December 8, 1980.
Would be 81 years old in 2021.

#2 Freddie Mercury

Image source: hidreley

Born September 5, 1946.
Died November 24, 1991.
Would be 75 years old in 2021.

#3 Steve Irwin

Image source: hidreley

Born February 22, 1962.
Died September 4, 2006.
Would be 59 years old in 2021.

#4 Elvis Presley

Image source: hidreley

Born January 8, 1935.
Died August 16, 1977.
Would be 86 years old in 2021.

#5 Tupac Shakur

Image source: hidreley

Born June 16, 1971.
Died September 13, 1996.
Would be 50 years old in 2021.

#6 David Bowie

Image source: hidreley

Born January 8, 1947.
Died January 10, 2016.
Would be 74 years old in 2021.

#7 Bob Marley

Image source: hidreley

Born February 6, 1945.
Died May 11, 1981.
Would be 76 years old in 2021.

#8 Lady Diana

Image source: hidreley

Born July 1, 1961.
Died August 31, 1997.
Would be 60 years old in 2021.

#9 Whitney Houston

Image source: hidreley

Born August 9, 1963.
Died February 11, 2012.
Would be 58 years old in 2021.

#10 James Dean

Image source: hidreley

Born February 8, 1931.
Died September 30, 1955.
Would be 90 years old in 2021.101 shares

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