My Needle Felted Art (5 Pics)

I posted on BP last year a needle felted feather that looked like a feather, and the monstrosity that was my first attempt (which looked like a mitten!) to inspire artists to try something again that they might have been unsuccessful at the first time around.

In this post, I’m sharing my progression with needle felted pet portraits – the first one was attempted in 2018 and I didn’t try again as it was so shocking…but with lockdown and an online course, I tried again in 2021.

The online course really suited my style of learning – I could pause, rewind, and practice techniques which was a huge help. So…here is my progress, posted to (hopefully) inspire Pandas to try something again as time helps us improve our understanding.

The pics are the most recent first through to the original (shocking) attempt to demonstrate progression.

2021: This is the one I’m most proud of…meet Harper

2021: I invested in some quality wool to fine tune the technique…

2021: Not quite as good as the puppies but I’m still learning…

2021: I revisited the same photo (see below) and tried again 2.5 years later…

2018: The shocking first try – I then gave up

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