I Designed A Story About Human Sacrifices In Minoan Crete

Human sacrifice.

A practice that seems barbaric to us, and had been eliminated in Greece since antiquity. After all, in the historical period it had become only a part of the myths that survived as memories of earlier times (with Iphigenia being the most famous).

In recent years, however, the evidence for human sacrifices in the prehistoric Aegean has been increasing.

In a Minoan sanctuary, time froze when a human sacrifice was likely to take place. It is very likely that the pre-earthquakes scared the residents who desperately chose to sacrifice a life! But they could not prevent a major earthquake or a strong aftershock.

What fascinates me about the hard and so foreign to us custom of human sacrifice is the concept of fear that leads humanity to choose to sacrifice life itself. What leads man to take life to save life?

The scene of the sacrifice is in free performance. But it does not alter the meaning of the narrative.

Written by Archaeostoryteller and designed by Kostis Pavlou

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