I Make Rubik’s Cube Art (25 Pics)

I combine my love of puzzles and art to create something that stimulates both brain hemispheres.

Some of these puzzles are not much harder to solve than a regular Rubik’s cube, others are fiendishly difficult.

On some puzzles I added sculptural elements, on others, I removed material to reveal hidden internal pieces.

More info: Etsy#1 

Elemental Zaviruha

I do a lot of puzzles with a space motif. I love painting stars.
This is a windmill 2x2x4 cuboid puzzle

Report1pointJoseph BencicPOST#2 

Lord Cthulhu

H.P.Lovecraft’s ocean terror.
Inside this monster is a regular 3×3 rubik’s cube.

Report1pointJoseph BencicPOST#3 

Star You, Star Me

An underappreciated Pokemon

Report1pointJoseph BencicPOST#4 

Spy vs. Spy

The shape is extreme, but this is just a 3×3 cube in disguise.

Report1pointJoseph BencicPOSThttps://687a8b33378e7668aeabd8584b69b74e.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-38/html/container.html#5 

Scrambled Lord Cthulhu

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#6 

Scrambled Star You, Star Me

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#7 

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss

I held a puzzle giveaway and let the contestants vote on my subject matter. They chose ‘The Kiss’ by Gustav Klimt.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#8 

A Kiss Is Not Just A Kiss (Back)

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#9 

Scrambled Spy vs. Spy

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#10 

Chaos Spectrum

This is a Dino cube. I trimmed down the corners to reveal those triangle pieces.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#11 

Scrambled Chaos Spectrum

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#12 

Pac Man

The only way this could be more 80’s is if I painted it wearing leg warmers listening to A Flock of Seagulls.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#13 

Scrambled Pac Man

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#14 

Engine Of Creation

This is a 4×4 cube. Some pieces have been bandaged together, creating a much harder puzzle called an AI cube.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#15 

Scrambled Engine Of Creation

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#16 


Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#17 

Scrambled Medusozoa

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#18 

Neon Invasion

Blacklight reactive and glow-in-the-dark.
This one was really hard to solve.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#19 

Scrambled Neon Invasion

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#20 


Most of the pieces on this one were filled in and resculpted, making it three times heavier than a regular rubik’s cube.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#21 

Scrambled Anubis

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#22 


The owl from ‘The Once and Future King’s and ‘The Sword in the Stone’
This is an ivy cube. Or it was, before I chopped it up. Now it solves like a Skewb puzzle.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#23 

Scrambled Archimedes

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#24 

Los Monstruos De Guillermo

Guillermo del Toro is an amazing filmmaker, this is my tribute to him and his creepy creations. The puzzle is a Coin cube.

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST#25 

Scrambled Los Monstruos De Guillermo

Report0pointsJoseph BencicPOST

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