I Use Flower Petals Instead Of Paint To Create Artworks Inspired By The Human Connection With Nature

I am Elen Alien – a Russian artist living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

I paint since the age of 5, my first sale was at the age of 7. I have been studying art for more than 15 years, then gathered experience connected areas. In 2013 I discovered the unusual way of creating paintings from flower petals, this technique is called oshibana.

My first set of works “Flower” which started in 2013 will be finished and exhibited in Stockholm this year.

Please, join my journey on Instagram and the website.

More info: Instagram | elenalien.com#1 

American Beauty, 2021

American Beauty, 2021

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Eve, 2020

Eve, 2020

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Heart, 2015

Heart, 2015

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Hand, 2014

Hand, 2014

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Head, 2014

Head, 2014

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