” Sternocera ” by Juliette Clovis

‘Sternocera’ was made by the artist during a residency program at The Insect Museum of Nedde (France). More than 500 real beetles’ wings were necessary to make this stunning piece where the incredible colors of these wings strongly contrast with the pureness of the porcelain biscuit.



Limoges porcelain – Biscuit – Beetles’ wings

Unique, 2017

16,9 x 13,3 x 13 in.4 shares


Juliette Clovis’ work on female identity, which until now has represented a classic and quasi-photographic approach, is being transformed with an invasion by a multitude of new external elements. New women emerge covered in a profusion of natural elements packed with wildlife and flora. Certain pieces are completely anthropomorphic, challenging and disturbing. Take for instance the chimeras with human faces – creatures that confront us with our own humanity.These bodies and faces seem to fade away in favor of luxurious nature, and the artist explores female identity, its place and its relation with nature. The new portraits that she now proposes are a veritable hybridization of style and eras, a blend of allegory, poetry and surrealism.

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