YEE, A Bike For Light Travels Within Cities

This design collaboration between Kopus and Gochic Bicycle was a global limited edition of 100 units. The body of the bike drew inspiration from the renowned Millau Viaduct bridge of France, with the silhouette featuring a top tube which extends into a basket holder – providing the stylish convenience fit for city riding. The frame is handmade from the highest quality of molybdenum steel. The material was chosen to carefully balance weight and rigidity, while enhancing the visual appeal without sacrificing the degree of rustproofing. Moreover, the frame was coated with the same paint used on Ferrari’s models. As for the transmission system, a carbon composite belt drive from the American manufacturer Gates was used. These belts are 3 times more durable than traditional chain belts, often lasting up to 10 years with no oil maintenance whilst providing a quiet, smooth ride.

“YEE” is derived from the Chinese homophonic “一”, symbolic of a man-bicycle connection, which means it can satisfy the required functionalities of any lifestyle.

The top tube extends into a basket holder


Claudia Lucía Russo Herrera 

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