Inspired By A Newborn Photoshoot, This Artist Imagined How Disney Princesses And Villains Looked As Babies Interview With Artist

If you are a big fan or just love both Disney princesses and cute babies in general, we think this post might totally be your cup of tea! Why, you might ask? Well, artist Alex Pick reimagines some of the most well-known Disney characters as adorable babies, be it princesses, mermaids, or even some of the villains.

The artist was first struck with the initial idea when he stumbled upon the work of the talented photographer Karen Marie, who previously did a photo series with newborn babies dressed as Disney princesses.It wasn’t long before Alex took everything into his own hands and re-drew the said pictures in his signature Disney-like style.

Digital artist Alex Pick is pretty well-known amongst the majority of Disney franchise fans. With over 141k Instagram followers, the artist’s work mostly revolves around Disney-related crossovers or just wholesome character content with some hilarious and unexpected twists.

However, this isn’t the first time the artist’s work has appeared on Bored Panda. One of his most recent posts featured humanized Disney characters and vice versa, while the other one depicted iconic movie and TV posters reimagined.

Here is a collection of what these beloved characters would look like if these classic characters were animated as babies in their own style of animation based on the photographer’s Karen Marie’s photoshoot.

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Photographer Karen Marie took an adorable photo of babies dressed as Disney princesses

Image credits: bellybeautifulportraits

Many of us grew up watching Disney movies, especially Disney animated movies. Most of the classics have brought us a lot of joy, laughter, and tears over the years. No matter what, we could count on Disney to give us something interesting. The company has had its fair share of ups and downs, and it’s had periods of amazing movies and not so amazing movies. (The decade of sequels was a dark time for us all.)

Therefore, some of our favorite childhood memories include seeing our favorite heroes animated on-screen from some of Disney’s most classic cartoon films and TV shows. Generally, when seeing these icons, they’re usually in the form of whatever Disney animated them to be. However, we all know that deep inside these characters beats the heart of a human soul, which children and fans alike all connect with. So seeing most of our beloved characters turned into small babies is not only wholesome but quite interesting as well!

The photo inspired digital artist Alex Pick who then re-imagined the picture with minor changes

Image credits: apicollodraws

Bored Panda reached out to Alex with some questions! First, we asked Alex if he had any major influences in his life that might’ve helped him to develop and refine his style.

“I grew up in the time when 2D Disney movies had their big time and left a major impact on me. I always dreamed to work on these movies or at least in that particular style. It’s like living the fairytale princess dream! And I’m absolutely influenced by daily life, Instagram, movies, and some series. If I think about it, I think I still developing and working on my art style every day and with every new drawing and illustration!”

Art, in any kind of form, takes a lot of time not only to practice but also to produce, therefore we asked the artist about how long it takes him to fully finish his artworks.

“The time totally depends on the art piece. Sometimes I absolutely love to sketch, the drawing turns out really fast like in half an hour or something when the idea is fresh. And sometimes it’s better to leave it in the rough style because drawing over and over it to clean it sometimes kills the fun pure impact of an idea! Other drawings for sure take multiple hours to finish, while stepping forward and backward and trying out different versions!”

And here’s another twist featuring other types of Disney princesses as well

Image credits: apicollodraws

Being an artist is not easy, one can easily encounter a lack of inspiration, burnout, etc, so we wanted to ask Alex about his ideas for the art he is producing.

“Well talking about how my ideas come up…. I don’t know! It happens at the weirdest times! Sometimes I need to write or sketch down something with a few words or scribbles to remember the ideas! But as I said, I love Disney and there are so many possibilities to mash up things or see things from another angle! This brings a fun twist to the drawings.”

As we mentioned before, sometimes creative work can cause quite a burnout, therefore we asked the artist how he dealt with that as well.

“Of course! I had a huge burnout in 2016! That was a very depressive time and period in my life! I was at the point where I thought I will never draw again. I felt like every piece of creativity and artistic joy was gone forever. I got professional help and learned a lot about myself and how I can fight burnout and anxiety. It’s really hard sometimes to find a good balance, trying not to force creativity and not to overthink everything too much. And sometimes it’s really hard for me to get negative vibes. This hurts a lot but I try not to let this get me down or put an effect on my art!”

The photographer took more pictures of babies as she tried to include a variety of princesses into her photography series

Image credits: bellybeautifulportraits

We also asked Pick about how people reacted to his work.

“As I wrote already there are different opinions and I’m absolutely fine with that! I also do not like every art I see here on Instagram but I would never attack someone, or write rude comments to put down the artist/person’s work. But luckily there are many many many lovely peeps who like what I’m doing, who encourage me or give me objective criticism or suggestions to do things differently or better. At least for me, the most important thing is that I love what I’m doing.”

The creative process is not easy, but there are some enjoyable parts about it.

“I love to sketch down the idea, playing with shapes and poses, but I do love to clean the lineart too. It’s so relaxing.”

Considering the theme of Pick’s drawings, we asked him what inspired him to start an account based on the Disney franchise.

“It’s my love for Disney, the stories and adventures they tell, the characters they’ve created, so unique and special. It’s a whole magical kingdom to get inspired from.”

Will you be drawing more Disney characters as babies in the future?

“Yes, maybe I will draw more of the Disney babies or toddlers in the future. There are so many characters to choose from!”

Inspired by the shoot, to support the Black Lives Matter movement and color diversity, Alex Pick made this illustration

Image credits: apicollodraws

Digital art and art, in general, is not easy and requires a lot of patience, time, resources, and in most cases even money, therefore we wanted to know how the talented Disney artist started his own career in digital art.

“I’ve been drawing since I could hold a pencil in my hand! I started of course with traditional art! Sometimes I go back and sketch on paper! But in my tight schedule, it’s so much easier and more comfortable to draw digitally! On my iPad pro which you can use everywhere or my Wacom Cintiq!

To add more to the whole thing, there’s one more thing I want to say. Believe in you and your dreams and let no one put you down, show respect to each artist’s work as they put so much effort work, and heart, and blood into their art.”

The artist also re-imagined some of the most famous Disney villains as babies

Image credits: apicollodraws

A year later the photographer released another image, but this time however, the babies we previously saw posing were a bit older

Image credits: bellybeautifulportraits

Continuing his series, Alex re-drew the newly released picture as well, and down below you can see the Disney babies in more detail

Image credits: apicollodraws


Image credits: apicollodraws

Snow White

Image credits: apicollodraws


Image credits: apicollodraws


Image credits: apicollodraws


Image credits: apicollodraws


Image credits: apicollodraws

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