Life-Sized Beaded Animals

Based in Montpellier, Stephan Kouchian is a plastician French artist who works around different thematic. His last series, named “La Traversé” (“The Crossing”), is composed by beaded sculptures woven from wood beads. To do this, 7000 of them were used and painted by hand. The gestures used were borrowed from arts and crafts. These are meant to represent the gesture of humans on animals, stuck in their own fable and representation, which explains the dramatic and accentuated lighting on the latter. We can then discover a peacock, a stork, a monkey, a fly, two dogs, a parrot, a cobra, and a pink flamingo.ADVERTISING

More of his work and artistic universe to discover on his website, or his Instagram account.

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April 28, 2021 0 0


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